Laurie Notaro makes a dress! And mistakes me for a boy.

Ms. Notaro shows off her stitching skills in the middle of Rosita’s Place!

I had lunch with my longtime friend (and best-selling author – I can say, I knew her when!), Laurie Notaro last week. We went to Rosita’s Place for lunch, along with Laurie’s sister Lisa; my sister, Theresa, and our friend Barbara too.

We spent most of our meal laughing, thanks to Laurie, as always. At one point, we toned it down and I told Laurie and Lisa how Maya had a hard crush on a cute boy. Laurie has known my kiddos since they were just older than toddlers and likes to hear the updates. Anyway, at the same time I spilled this secret, my sister handed over her iPhone to Laurie to show her a picture.

“Oh, he’s real cute… so…how old is he?” Laurie and her sister say in unison as they examine the picture with unreadable expressions.

“I think he is a year older than Maya,” I reply. “Wait, is that a picture of him? How’d you get that?” I asked Theresa.

Laurie held up the iPhone to me and it was a picture OF ME. In sixth grade wearing my softball uniform.

“This is him, right?” Laurie asks, pointing the the picture (as seen below).

I pause. I gulp. I open my mouth in disbelief.

“NOooo…Actually, that is ME in sixth grade in my softball uniform! Wait – You thought I was a boy?

We all broke out in fits of laughs, eyes watering, doubled over, etc. We made a rule outlawing off-topic photo sharing during all future conversations.

Once we all calmed down, Laurie says, “At least you were a cute boy, Kathy.”

Thanks, Laurie. We eventually switched to yakking about crafts. Laurie is a die hard artist. She paints, gardens, and makes handmade cards every Christmas, plus all kinds of other things! She nonchalantly said – “Oh. I made this dress! I even put a zipper in! I took a class and learned how to sew my own clothes.”

She went on to explain that she bought a dress form, nice fabric and is now making her own clothing from vintage patterns. I’m impressed! and inspired. I’ve been wanting to buy a plus-size dress form for so long, and now I think I’ll do that! Just when you think you know someone, they pull out a fast one like this. Then again, I’m not surprised at all! She can do anything! By the way, Laurie has a new book out on paperback! The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death: Reflections on Revenge, Germophobia, and Laser Hair Removal. Make sure to buy a copy!!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. You and I looked very much a like at that age and the same thing happened to me! Two little old ladies wanted to buy cookies from a sweet little boy, Only the little boy was me! But wow we turned out so fine.
    You keep me in smiles.

  2. That is SUCH a CUTE dress! I can just picture that beautiful Milagro Heart top center! Oh and hey…I thought we were gonna see some of her handmade Christmas cards when we clicked on that link ;=( oh well…great story and good luck with the book Laurie!

  3. Kathy, I love you so much for posting that picture! When I told my husband what Theresa did, I thought I was going to see the birth of a laughter-induced snot bubble. He loves you, though, but I think he now feels Theresa has deity-like status. That was the smoothest joke EVER. And you, naturally, are the best sport ever!!!

  4. Isn’t growing up a fat girl the worst! Then the schools made us wear those polyester uniforms!

    Laurie is right. You were a cute boy. But now you are a gorgeous woman. Laurie is okay too. If she doesn’t make it as a dress maker perhaps those little stories of hers might turn into something?

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