Let me be honest here…

I’m exhausted after this weekend!!!

This post is going to kinda random and not very cohesive, hope you don’t mind! I wouldn’t trade a moment of the events (well, maybe one)!

We had Faythe Levine and the screening of her film, Handmade Nation, come to town. That was on Saturday, and I was asked to interview her for a podcast. It all went good until during the film I get an emergency text that my dad needs a ride to a doctor’s appt. I literally texted on my phone with my hands inside my purse to figure out the dilemma . I thought the problem was solved, but after the event I find out it wasn’t. Hello, family drama and tears! It all worked out Ok by dinnertime and then I had to make and shoot a crafty assignment and then head off to Patrick’s concert. We came home around 2:30 am, and woke up in time to meet Faythe and the Handmade Nation organizers for breakfast at Ranch Market. Then I got home and crank on laundry and cleaning the house.

At 4 p.m., I was a guest on the new Internet radio show called Inspired at Home, which is run by Aleene’s daughters (yes, THAT Aleene!). So – i’m in the middle of the interview and we get a caller – it’s ALEENE! My jaw dropped to the floor and I was so surprised and excited I sounded like a total geek! It’s like I was Maya and the Jonas Brothers had just called her!

The show was so fun, in my mind i want to type it all out and tell you my faovrite moments, but my eyes have a thick glaze over them right now, I’m about to shut down just like my iPhone when it runs out of juice! I want to be in my bed when that happens.

Here is a link to the show from today.

www.blogtalkradio.com/inspiredathome. Tonight’s show is listed under “On-Demand Episodes”.

After the show, i raced against the clock to make art orders from our web store and pack. I also watched Celebrity Apprentice, one of my all-time guilty pelasures!

I promise tomorrow I’ll post more about above-mentioned stuff. More cohesively! right now, I need to get to bed because I leave early in the morning for Fresno for a week of exciting Crafty Chica production and brainstorming work!


Here is Faythe at Modified Arts! I am so proud of the Phoenix craft community and its supporters who came out. The event sold out both days. Cindy Dach from Changing Hands made it all come together!

Love & light,

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  1. I can’t wait to listen to your talk radio show and also to see ‘handmade nation’…i am a big fan of your crafty chica site and all that you create. I am fairly crafty myself and only recently have begun to start sharing with more people out there, outside my bubble. I have a young blog at http://signofthemonkey.blogspot.com/ and will be launching a new site that will feature handmade products very soon! i hope to chat with you sometime down the line and that you would consider following my blog! – david

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