Like mother, like daughter. Is that bad or good?

This weekend at Maker Faire, Maya will demo as a professional for the first time! Actually she once was a guest on Jackie Guerra‘s DIY Jewelry Making show, but that was when she was only 11. Anyway – last month, Maya made a tie-dye video and it has been getting a crazy amount of views. I think it is more than 16,000 now. And it was her first time trying the craft!

My boss at Duncan Enterprises invited Maya to demo in the booth at Maker Faire this weekend! Maya practiced her tie-dye skills all weekend, and inspired from an idea that I totally forgot I did a long time ago, made her own business cards from scrap paper! (Here is an even better way from my pal, Alexa) While Maya is there, she wants to promote her web site, She stopped at 100 cards and konked out.

By the way, she is so dramatic, that is totally a staged photo up there!

Here are her cards. They came out so cute! She hand colored each one.


Love & light,

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  1. Love the link to your 2007 post about stocking up on groceries so you don’t have to leave the house and can spend all weekend crafting. I must use this idea in my own life.

  2. You must be so proud!!! Like mother and daughter..and thats a great thing!!!!! Maya’s video is absolutely wonderful!!! She did an amazing job not only with teaching others how to craft, but the video was done so well, the music and everything!!

    Thanks so much for sharing it. I will def. bookmark her site.

    Take care!!

    -Kim (aka peachycheek)

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