Linocuts and Block Printing, Part Two


Photo: Greeting cards I made with my linco cuts using block printing method. I was inspired by Brazilian Block prints!

OK, here it is! I’m going to share my method of linocuts and block printing. I tried this on a whim last week and found it to be really easy! But it’s not the kind of project you can do super fast, so clear off an afternoon to relax and enjoy the process.

Linocuts is where you use small carving tools to carve a reverse image from linoleum. You can also use erasers, wood, potatoes, foam – anything soft and study enough to carve through. I bought a 12-pack of lino blocks and all the supplies from Dick Blick.


Lino blocks
Lino carving set
Pencil to draw your design
Rubber brayer (I used wood because that was all I had on hand)
Block ink

Directions: You want to draw your design on the block. You can use tracing paper to transfer an image, or do what I did and just freeformed it. After you draw your design, you then carve out everything BUT the line drawing you made. It’s a little tricky, because it takes some reverse thinking. If you aren’t sure how it is looking, use the brayer to roll a bit of ink over it to see how it is coming along. After you have your main image, add designs to the outer areas. I kept mine very plain and simple. Once you get going, you can carve full-on detailed scenes.

When you like your carving, you are ready to print! I used a paper plate and squirted a nickel-size amount of ink. I rolled my brayer over it so it was evenly covered and then rolled it onto the carved image. Again, nice and even.

Stamp it onto the surface and rub your fingers over it to make sure you have a nice, smooth, even print. Remove the stamp and clap your hands!

Here are the ones I made. I’m sure I missed specific details, but this was my first time, and I just went with the flow. If you are really digging this idea, research to learn other technqiues. That’s what I’m going to do!

You can make these for stationery, invites, wall art, wrapping paper, anything!


6 thoughts on “Linocuts and Block Printing, Part Two”

  1. Kathy, I remember creating these linolium blocks in high school, my gosh, 25 + years ago! It was a fun project as I remember. Also, we have a craft store in my area called Pat Catans and I just saw these blocks there. Who knows, I might have to do this project again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Kathy, I remember doing this linolium block project in high school art class 25+ years ago. It was a fun project. Just recently I saw these blocks at Pat Catans, a craft store in my area. Who knows, maybe I will do this project again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My son did quite a few of these in college, and was quite good at it. He’s promised me a lesson so now I can do them too. Thanks for giving me the nudge to try out this craft!!!


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