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Mother’s Day Silhouette Bracelet

This project is inspired by those silver silhouette charms of boys and girls. Member those???

I used shrink plastic to make these, and I think any mom would swoon over something like this!
It’s very personalized because the heads are from family members. I even included a doggie too 🙂 I made a bracelet, but you could also make a necklace to match!


1 package of shrink plastic
black spray paint
black fine line permanent pen
hole punch
heat gun or toaster oven
Bracelet chain with clasp
Medium jump rings
Needle nose pliers
Camera and printer
Beads and head pins (optional)

Directions: Have each person stand at a profile for you. Take the pictures and then print them out to 4×6 size. Cut out the profiles from the paper. Take one sheet of shrink plastic and place the profile down and use the pen to trace it. Cut it out. Use the hole punch at the top. Shrink the piece, either with a heat gun or by following the manufacturers package directions. Do the same for all the heads. When they are shrunk, take them outside and spray paint them black on one side. Let dry, flip them over and repeat. When they are completely dry, use the jump rings and needle nose pliers to attach to the bracelet chain. Add beads to the eye pins and attach if desired.

Arte de Casitas

I met Debbie Macomber tonight!


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Silhouette Bracelet”

  1. I love this! I’ve seen those charms that look like nice little white kids, but my boys are nice little multi-ethnic children with beautiful curls!

    Thanks! Jai

    PS – Almost done with your book – it is great fun!


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