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Mother’s Day Trading Cards


Moms and nanas love sentimental objects, especially when they are presented in pretty packages. The idea behind these Mother’s Day Trading Cards is that each is themed to a particular memory: maybe from a family vacation, a birthday party or a trip to the park. You get the idea. It works for kids of all ages and skill levels. They type or hand-write a memory and glue it to the back of a playing or trading card. On the other side, create a photo collage using personal pictures (color copies), rub-on letters and other goodies. Don’t forget to dress up the box to match. Mom can keep them close by, and whenever she feels down, she can pull one out and read the memory, think of you and smile.

NOTE: For Nanas – make a card for each grandkid!

Mother’s Day Trading Cards
1 deck of playing cards and box
Color copies of photos
Paper accessories: scrapbook paper, rub-on letters, paints, markers
Printed memories, sized to fit on card
Glue stick

Directions: Give each kid (and Dad, too) an equal number of cards. Leave part of the deck blank so Mom can decorate her own later. Cut out the printed memories and mount them to a piece of scrapbook paper. Use the glue stick to attach one to each card. On the other side of each card, glue a picture and embellish it with a headline and other details. Decorate the box and put the finished cards inside, gift-wrap and give them to her.

Variations: If you run out of memories, print Mom’s favorite quotes, poems or passages from books.


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  1. Kathy, this is an amazing idea…how wonderful this would be for anyone to recieve as a gift. You have such a creative mind and spirit…would love to hang out with you and craft!!!


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