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Juicy & fruity oilcloth-covered barstool


Let’s make an oilcloth-covered barstool! Decorated barstools are a great way liven up a room. You can buy them for less than $20 at any discount department store and have your way with them.

They make a great outlet for functional art because decoupage, mosaics and tole painting are simple ways to make them your own.

I covered mine with colorful oilcloth and used contrasting paint colors to pull it all together. If you don’t want the Mexican theme, use any other kind of fabric that makes you happy.

Supplies for oilcloth-covered barstool

1 wood barstool
1/2 yard of oilcloth fabric
Assorted acrylic paints, brushes
Varnish (spray or brush on)
12 upholstery tacks, hammer
Thick upholstery foam
Felt marker
1 yard of fringe trim
Hot glue gun
Medium-grade sandpaper


Lightly sand the barstool’s legs. Turn the stool upside down and place on the piece of foam. Use the marker to trace around the seat of the stool on the foam. Cut out the shape and set aside.

Choose a color and base coat everything except the seat, let dry. Add painted accents on the legs. Let dry and then add multiple coats of varnish, letting each coat dry in between applications.

With the barstool upright, apply hot glue on the seat and attach the piece of foam. Make sure the foam is secure around the edges. Trim any excess foam; you want it to go to the edge of the seat.

Turn the stool upside down again and place on the piece of oilcloth fabric. Pull the fabric up around the edges, leave an extra 6 inches all the way around and mark the fabric there for cutting. Toss excess.

Apply a generous amount of hot glue underneath the seat of the barstool, tug the fabric over it and press down with your hands to seal it. Continue all the way around the seat, gathering the fabric at the edges so it looks even and taut. Make sure all the fabric is glued to the surface.

Flip the barstool over and hot glue the trim around the edge. Apply tacks evenly around the border of the trim.

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  1. I work for a furniture manufacturer. We specialize in upholstery. I just wanted to say that your project and instructions are excellent. It is not as easy as you make it look. Great job.


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