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Phoenix Fridas and other things

Last Friday we had our monthly Phoenix Fridas meeting at Leticia’s house. We planned some fabulous upcoming events like our annual Frida Kahlo birthday celebration at Changing Hands Bookstore and a gallery show for the Scottsdale Art Walk. The whole time, anita crocheted. By the time we left, she had made eachof us a flower pin to take home!

One of my favorite topics we discussed: Usually we pick one charity and all of us donate a portion of our proceeds to that cause. Inspired by Celebrity Apprentice, we decided that each of us will choose a charity and we will take turns donating. I love this idea because, just like our style of art, we each have different interests. I have chosen Valle del Sol as my charity. Back in the day when Patrick and I were struggling to make ends meet on an artist’s income, Valle always gave us jobs to keep us busy when other companies would not even return our calls. From corporate gifts to making hundreds of centerpieces, they always kept us in mind. What goes around comes around. I literally have a list of all the people who believed in us back then, stuck with us, and still support us to this day. I am thankful and constantly send good their way whenever I can!

During our meeting we had two guests drop in. They are also crafty chicas! Their husbands’ have a hobby too: fixing up low rider and classic cars. While their guys show off their wheels at car shows, these chicas set up a table to sell their Chicano crafts.

One of our Fridas, Leticia, leads a novel-reading group with these young women and discovered they had my books! She invited them to come to the meeting to get their copies signed. Goosebumps swept up my arms, I was so flattered. They even brought me handmade gifts!

They are called Con/Safos. Con Safos translates as “with safety”, but growing up as a third-generation Mexican-American in Phoenix, I’ve always heard the term used to mean “!!!!!!!” I don’t quite know the exact words, but all I can say is it means “!!!!!”

These lovely chicas use it to mean they make !!!!!!!-style crafts!!! Yes, lots of exclamation points! Anyway. check out their MySpace page!
All that talk about cars made us Fridettes discuss pimping out our PT Cruisers (three of us are owners) to show off at our events!

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