Say hello to our new personal assistant!

For the past two years, I’ve dreamed about having someone to prep my work table, sort my emails, pack boxes, take pictures, sort paperwork, make me a double mocha when I really need it…

Because I work at home, I couldn’t grasp someone coming over here, I would be too worried about all the unexpected activity that goes on! I also had no idea how to break down what I needed to be done, specifically. Therefore, I set my internal energy clock on HIGH and buzzed around the house trying to meet all my deadlines and still keep everything fluffy and creative until my battery gave out. Sure, I ask the kids for help, but their enthusiasm doesn’t come easy. After arm twisting and bribing, I can squeez a few tasks out of them, but the ordeal is exhasuting.

DeAngelo finished up his semester at college and has been job hunting with no luck. Last week while on a plane ride home from Fresno, it hit me – I should hire him as a personal assistant for Patrick and myself!

When I arrived home, I presented him with my job offer and he excitedly agreed. I spent Thursday night forming a list of duties. I set up a email account for him. Friday morning, I spent an hour training him and he stayed busy for the next six hours! He had the weekend off, and today he woke up and got busy.

I can sum it up in one word: HEAVEN!!!

What a world of difference! Before when I asked for a favor, I felt like I was Naggy Mom, but now that it is his job, I feel like the Rockstar Craft Lady of the house. He is so efficient and thorough. I’ve seen a whole new side to him and I’m so proud! I encouraged him to keep looking for a job outside of our house, but in th emeantime, he can gain a world of experience right here.

Here is what he is doing: Changes the office and art room trash, preps our work areas, goes through emails, updates my blog feed to my MySpace page, screens our friend requests, changes my paint water, inputs my notes into Word, scans and re-sizes my photos, packs and labels boxes, and all kinds of other things like asking me if I’m thirsty and need water.

He helped me prep 300 canvases for my Maker Faire make-and-take, realized what all goes into my day. At one point, I took a break and plopped down on the bed. He came over and massaged my left wrist with lotion because earlier he witnessed me drawing over and over on the canvases.

DeAngelo has never really been into crafting (except for hand painting his Warhammer army guys). But today, he watched Maya tie dye some shirts and asked if he could try too. Next thing I knew, he was getting down and dirty with a t-shirt! When he saw the final result, he was so proud!

If you are super busy with your art and crafts business and need a little help, check within your family for help. If not your kids, ask your nieces or nephews, aunts, uncles or even neighbors. I am amazed at how much more time I have to do other things, even though it’s only been two days!

DeAngelo’s name translates as “of the angels” – and he sure does live up to that!

I’ll keep you posted how it develops!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. Congratulations on the recen hire. Sometimes the answer is right before us, it just has to click. Love the new items in the product line. Will we be able to buy them in all Michael’s crafts?

  2. You sure have some great kids! And they are darn cute too. DeAngelo is gonna turn tyou into a dynasty!

  3. Kathy – this one really struck a “personal” note. I wasn’t busy with my
    crafting, but with a full time job, a horrendous commute, household duties,
    my husband, and a garden that would use my every waking hour if it could.
    What to do? I hired a local graduate student, trained her to do the
    weeding, mulching, pinching, tying, etc., and let her work on her own
    schedule between classes. When winter came I wondered what I could do to
    keep her busy as she was a delight to have around, worked hard, was very
    tidy, and gave me back some badly needed down time. Snow on the ground? -we
    kept her busy organizing closets, yes, craft shelves, filing, you name it.
    It was like hiring a daughter who never said NO – a wonderful experience
    until she graduated and went to Boston.

    We’re still friends though; she stops by when she’s in the area to check up
    on plants she learned to love and propagate for herself.

    I love your emails – so many fun things. And your products are great too –
    I haven’t tried them all, but feel like I will eventually.


  4. That is awesome to have an assistant, it really takes lots of loads off of you. I need to look into one myself, I don’t know why I haven’t thought about in the first place. Tell Deangelo, nice job and great work-you deserve it as well Crafty Chica.

  5. What a terrific kid! Lucky Mom…Lucky Son!
    Sounds like a great plan! He’s a cutie patootie! You deserve it, and great to know he now really knows what a day in the life of Mom is really like! Yay!

  6. Congratulations to you all! What a great way to relieve the pressure as well as give DeAngelo new opportunities! I bet you’ll see even more of his craft side emerge, the more he participates in the biz.

  7. What an inventive idea! I should hire my kids, too, but they’re still 1 and 7 years old so what can I do? I hired a personal assistant through this wonderful website and I’ve been having a wonderful time ever since. Have some time to play with my daughters and all. I’m glad you get to spend time with your son and introduce him to the world of work at the same time.

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