The shrimp cocktail booth @ market

Patrick and I went to the Phoenix Public Market this morning and had Baja-style shrimp cocktails for breakfast. Now that is what I call livening up the weekend. nothing like a shot of Tapatio to wake you up! This is the guy who made them for us. He plays guitar for the customers until they place an order.
Patrick was wearing a new shirt he silkscreened with one of his new designs, and this guys goes: “COOL shirt, dude! Where’d you get that?” Patrick said, “I made it!”
The guy then said he wanted to buy one. I love it when stuff like that happens. There is no better feeling than having someone compliment your work when you least expect it. The funny thing is, we walked away and thought, “Duh, we should have told him about the product line so he could make his own shirt!” It just happened so fast, we were hungry and couldn’t think straight!
If you are ever in Phoenix, check out the market. I ran into my friend, Sarah, Soft Flex Girl, and another friend from my former newspaper job!
About last night’s event – it went really well. More on that to come!
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  1. It was great to see you….I forgot to mention to you that I have your book in my queue for a July book review. I have my copy and it is such a great book. I added a link to my blog post so that others can check it out too – but I’ll do a full review for July. Hope to run into you again soon! Take care!

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