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Several weeks ago, I offered a project idea that sparked as much interest as it did fear — the Handpainted Floor Cloth.
Many of you were excited at the thought of diving in but became hesitant at the thought of tackling a large project that involved a BIG blank canvas. This week I’m revisiting the idea, but in much simpler terms.
This idea doesn’t come from the craft store but from the office supply aisle. Next time you are shopping for pens and file folders, pick up a package of canvas sheets from the computer paper section. The packet contains 8- by 10-inch sheets of thin, primed canvas. Meant to be used for a computer, the material works just as well for lightweight jewelry.
Start small with geometric shapes, lots of color, beads and imagination. Once you master the earrings, move on to designing your own line of gift cards and place mats, and then, of course, a large floor cloth.

Thin cardboard
1 package of canvas sheets
Acrylic paints
Rubber stamps
Assorted fine-tipped brushes
Glitter, fabric paint and/or paint pens
Water-based varnish
Straight pin
Earring fishhooks
Colored beads
Head pins
Tweezers and nippers
Jump rings
Draw patterns on the cardboard and cut them out; these will be the templates. Lay the patterns on one of the canvas sheets, outline with a pencil and cut them out. Base-coat the fronts and backs of the pieces. Let dry.
Paint or stamp design on the front of each piece. If you prefer, decoupage small images from fabric instead. Create highlights with glitter, fabric paint or paint pens. Use a brush to apply water-based varnish. Let dry, then use the straight pin to poke a hole at the top and, if you want to add dangling beads, to the bottom of each piece. Attach fishhooks.
String beads on head pins and use nippers and tweezers to attach to each jump ring. Attach jump rings to bottom of earrings. Note: The supplies can be found at any craft store.



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