CONTEST: Finish the story!

I spent all day Sunday practicing my doodling. Afterward, I played around with digital coloring on my computer and the result is this here little lady. After spending two hours working on her, I stepped back and noticed a few things. Most of all that she has a colorful story going on!

First of all, she has cinnamon rolls in her hair, a paintbrush with wet green paint glued to the palm of her hand – and she is dressed for a cocktail party…

CONTEST! Help me with the rest of her story! Leave a comment adding on what else you think she has going on in her life. On Wednesday evening, I’ll draw one winner to receive these two new kits from Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching!

Love & light,

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  1. This little lady, like most of us has a lot going on. She’s a mother of three energetic, crafty-in-their-own-way youngsters who are learning from momma how to recycle and reuse just about everything in sight! She’s rockin’ the cocktail dress because she’s on her way to a benefit for a local charity that’s auctioning off her work for a good cause. The paintbrush always travels with her because, let’s be real, you never know when you’ll need a little green paint!

  2. I think this lady is a terrfic representation of a crafting wife & mama extraordinaire! She’s going to a drinks and snacks party with her handsome husband, but before she goes, she finishes painting green googly monsters with her kids. To save on time and space, she whipped up a batch of cinnamon buns for the potluck party and assembled a fashionable platter in the shape of a hat!

    Great character to stand for all the juggling ladies do to create beautiful worlds for the people we care about!

  3. She’s actually back early from the party. She’d started painting her shrine and having given it a second coat she’s showing her enthusiasm that she’s FINALLY going to get to use the Crafty Chica glitter on her project!!

  4. This happy lady is wild and loves life, so she puts on happy dress, thats make her feel like she is having coctails, but in reality curling her hair, and painting happy faces, and making the whole world a happier and prettier place to vist. She wants you to SMILE, SMILE, an be healty, happy.

  5. WhooHoo! It’s amazing what you can do with a little green paint mixed with some super glue! I was able to glue these green tiles to my favorite dress, glued some green painted stones to a string for a necklace, and by golly, I can even glue some Cinnabons in my hair for snacking without stopping my crafting!

  6. Fresh-as-a-daisy despite having just stepped off a transcontinental flight from Istanbul (where she traveled to meet with textile movers-and-shakers vying to land the contract for her new line of bedazzled cocktail wear, which she is sporting right this very minute – look how it doesn’t wrinkle even after being slept in!), Miss Thing has landed in Paris where she will be leading a group of nascent glitterati of the burgeoning DIY scene in France in a workshop entitled “How Spreading the Word of Glitter Can avert a Global Financial Crisis” before accepting her award as the First Woman to Successfully Employ Baked Goods in a Coiffure. (Please note: she also travels with her own handmade backdrop, which doubles as protection from sun damage in the event of a Sudden Catastrophic Loss of Ozone.)

  7. This lady is smack back from a very very early morning of guerilla gardening turning turning sad, neglected, empty newspaper kiosks into frantic bursts of color by transforming them into planters for a shocking variety of colors. if she had time she used her paintbrush to spice up the outside a bit further, and if someone ran into her on the street she plucked a hot bun from her cap of breakfast goodies and ensured their morning to be extra special tasty planty goodness. yay.

  8. This lady is smack back from a very very early morning of guerilla gardening turning turning sad, neglected, empty newspaper kiosks into frantic bursts of color by transforming them into planters for a shocking variety of colors. if she had time she used her paintbrush to spice up the outside a bit further, and if someone ran into her on the street she plucked a hot bun from her cap of breakfast goodies and ensured their morning to be extra special tasty planty goodness. yay.

  9. She woke up thinking it was just another Monday, filled with errands and a never ending to do list. She sighed as she rolled out of bed, reached for the sweatpants and started to put them on. She knew no one would notice that she had worn them two days in a row. Working at home had turned her into a full fledge slob. She sighed again. That’s when she saw the note taped to the mirror. She stopped.
    When had she posted it there? A month ago? A year? She stood frozen for a long, long moment before she sprang into action. Off came the sweats and went straight into the garbage. She reached deep into her closet and pulled out the little black dress she’d been saving for SOMEDAY. She took her hair out of the scrunchy and finally used those big hot rollers she’d been given ten Christmases ago. She sat putting her make up on and remembering what it felt like to be a girl. It felt good, real good. When she was done, she gasped at her reflection. And without missing a beat, ran to her craft supplies, pulled out a paintbrush, some black paint and ran back into her bedroom. In giant letters she painted the quote across the wall opposite her bed so that each morning the first thing she would be greeted with was this:

    To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. ~William James

    She threw her hands up in triumph and relished the exciting Monday that surely laid ahead.

  10. I just love it! Not about where she is going or where she has been. She’s like me looking glamed up, dressed for the day or any occasion. Sometimes it’s creative bliss in pj’s and other times I dress for the day. Never losing sight of my creative thoughts!

    Please enter me.

    Thanks, Nancy

  11. This busy lady is a mom on the go. She is trying to make the kids breakfast for tomorrow, put the finishing touches on her latest crafty project and get ready for her friend’s cocktail party tonight. If you look closely, you can see that she made her own jewelry for the night, matching earrings, bracelet, and necklace to match the dress and shoes.
    She is a woman with too much to do, and not enough time to do it all, sounds familiar!

  12. she knows that it’s always best to be prepared, look fabulous, have a stunning hairdo and just in case any crafty opportunities come up, bring that paint brush to the party!

    at night and with some extra sparkle, we all look divine!

  13. she is an art teacher, teaching an army of children about going green! they are painting signs (out of recycled materials) teaching the world to also go green 🙂


  14. The cinnamon roll hairdo is for the auspicious occasion of accepting the green paintbrush award for her stellar creativity and crafting. The little squares are confetti which has been tossed into the air in her honor. SHe is wearing a “Chica De La Renta” original for the evening, and will be (like Stella) gettin her groove back. 🙂

    Paula Clare

    PS (Fab contest)

  15. Tonight we welcome the talented MISS CRAFTY CHICA!!!!!
    Miss Crafty Chica comes on stage with her signature cinnabun hairdo, and begins her performance of art.
    After Miss Crafty Chica paints a beautiful painting on stage, she bows to the audience holding her signature green paint brush in hand…the one she holds up after any performance.
    “Bravo!” “Bravo!” applause ensues.
    Miss Crafty Chica speaks…
    “I would like to Thank the Academy… but instead, I really want to thank you all for this wonderful night. You see in each of us lives an artist…a parent is an artist crafting a life out for her family…a teacher is an artist crafting her way into the hearts of her students…a chef is an artist…creating food as art to nourish the body as well as the soul…you see in everything, and anything there is art. Get inspired, Be inspired, spread inspiration!!!!!”
    “Bravo!” “Bravo!”
    G*L*I*T*T*E*R falls gently all over the audience************
    Catch some Cathy

  16. Oh my gosh, what wonderful stories. Another one for your competition –

    Her name is Rita.

    By day she is a Crafty Chica extraordinaire, wife, mother, business owner.

    By night, she is Super Duper Crafty Chica!, an international spy who loves to throw cocktail parties under the light of the moon and the branches of a sycamore tree. Her parties are to die for, sometimes quite literally.

    If there is a baddie out there who needs to perish, she seduces wickedly. With a smile on her ruby lips as he comes in for the kiss, she stabs him through the heart with her glitter wand. Another baddie gone.

    Super Duper Crafty Chica strikes again!

    Glitter rules the night.

  17. Everyday usually began the same, a healthy smoothie (in hopes of losing some weight) shower, and if there’s no place to go, no makeup and then off to her basement studio to create. However, today she did have somewhere to go. Somewhere SPECIAL! She was going to lunch with her crafty friends. A great believer in you are what you craft, she had designed a wardrobe to wear. A junkie of all craft and artsy magazines she drew her inspiration. She made a dress of black weed shield (the stuff you put in your garden – clearance item last fall). It was very practical for a crafty girl as any paint that manages to drip off her brush could just be wiped away. But wouldn’t you know, it was something the Crafty Chica had posted in her diary that inspired the crowning glory of Cinnamon rolls… dehydrated and varnished and glue gunned to a headband, and sprinkled with glitter (of course!) As for lunch, well it was a success and the envious comments of ‘Dang, girl where’d you get that outfit’ was sweet music to her ears.

  18. She’s happy to be an individual… someone who can express herself and not be looked at as a total weirdo. She’s ecstatic about living and doesn’t seem to notice that the room lights up every time she steps in. She’s happily married, but not in a controlling relationship. Her husband supports her in every thing that she does – no matter how crazy. She’s just fabulous.

  19. The story……

    The night had been long and simply boring, although Marquessa knew it was important that she and her husband go to meet his new office co-workers and spouses. New town, new people, and everyone had their own niche it seemed except Marquessa and her husband who had just moved into the area for his job transfer. Marquessa was feeling terribly lonely and really missed her friends she had left behind.

    But as her stocking feet padded by the closet she lovingly referred to as her “little art studio,” she happened to notice the vivid, irredescent green paint sitting by itself.

    All of a sudden visions of sunshine, parrots, and a string of dancing green limes across one living room wall began spinning in her head. And without a thought for her evening clothes, she kicked off her shoes, grabbed the paint brush laying on the shelf, and knew that, somehow, the party didn’t matter any longer. Besides, there was a cute little mixed media shop she noticed on her way home from the store yesterday she wanted to check into. The sign on their door said, “Craft Teachers Wanted.” There would soon be new friends to laugh and share crafty secrets with.

  20. Gingers slightly panickd! she should be on her way! A grand cocktail party with all her other craftalicious gal pals is in full swing! theyre celebrating thier shared intrest in all things homemade and rockin! it 6:30 and shes just finishing up the shadowbox that houses pictures & memorbilia of the “drama free bedazzling dames” (or D.F.B.D as they like to call themselves) that love to sip cran vodkas while crafting. Ginger runs out the door with the homage to the DFBD tuckd under one arm and her industrial sized cocktail shaker in the other tosses em in the back of her candy red caddy convertable and burns rubber outta her drive way, sparks fly up as her slammed sled scrapes concrete… she throws it in first and blazes down the road to where she feels most herself.. alongside the glas that make decopaging pinups to a coffe table oh so much fun!
    the end….

  21. And the glory she experienced as a 13 year old world class gymnast, as wonderful as it was at the time, is no longer a part of her life. She now knows her true self and is happy and fulfilled. These days, her crafty creations are her glory! And often, she will throw her arms into the air, just the way she did as a gymnast, because all of her inner judges have given her a score of TEN! And also because she’s thrilled that she can now wear cinnamon rolls all around her face, instead of that one really tight cinna-bun look of days gone by!

  22. And she is locked out of her loft where she lives with her 6 amazing children and beautiful gourmet chef husband. She ran outside to call to her eldest boy who was playing next door, when she realized what she had done. She has now run into the street to waive down someone to help her get back into her loft where he youngest – a set of twins – is for sure playing in the green paint, left open. Her only consolation is that she looks fab and that her deodorant is in fact clear and not showing on her black dress as she waives her arms about. It is the small things like this that make her happy and keep her sane.

  23. Her name is Vivian Verde! She just got home and is lying in bed after a full night of dancing and meeting her adoring fans that came to her book signing & book tour launch cocktail party at the VaVa Voom Book Lounge. She always signs her name in very verde glittery paint (of course). She wore the turquoise beaded necklace, earrings and bracelet she just made the night before. She was so tired and so excited all at the same time… she couldn’t even undress or remove her shoes. Not even the glamorous pin curls relaxed! She stretched out on her black polka dot and very velvety bed thanking the universe for all of the good fortune that had come her way.

  24. Men are drawn to her cinnamon bun hair. Spicy, warm and delicious, that’s her! But she’s not worried about that right now. She just finished her masterpiece and is about to host a showing of all her crafty creations. This chica is ready to party!

  25. This lady is a talented artist. However, like so many of us, she is a busy woman and was rushing to finish her masterpiece that was going to be in an art show. She needed to look nice to show off her art, so she quickly finished her work, got dressed, and coiffed her hair in her signature cinnamon bun style. Right before she was about to go out the door, however, she noticed one little spot that she just had to touch up and the brush accidentally got glued to her hand! There was no time to fix it, and she has a very carefree personality, so she told those who inquired about the brush in her hand at the show that it’s the new style… she planned it as part of her outfit!

  26. It is a self portrait of you! You know anyone can be creative. Sometimes we are not so sure of ourselves so we need to borrow Crafty Chica’s confidence in us until we can find it in ourselves!

    Thank you for that!

  27. This here beautiful lady is Xio, my sister. Her favorite color is torquise as can be seen on her hand embroidered collar she so beautifully created and her blue beaded necklace,earrings, and bracelet she designed from a 1950’s vintage Christmas garland. Xio is her own woman and does not let anyone dictate what she does and what she wears. Here you see her with nine roses in her hair….one for each of her favorite friends. As you can clearly see, Xio loves to dress up! Heels and lipstick are part of her standard fare. She also likes to sew, paint, craft, and dance like there’s no tomorrow.
    Unfortunately, trying to do too much at one time often gets Xio in situations of the most unfortunate kind…like glued to a paintbrush. I love my older sister, Xio, and all I can say is that I think she’s the greatest sister in all ways.

  28. She has a hot date coming in 15 minutes to pick her up….the urge to paint a mural on the side of her fridge was so immense she couldn’t control herself.
    Her chocolate lab puppy was out of food, and with no time to spare on a trip to the store, she whipped up a little fresh pea puree, some yam surprise and prune baby food to round it out. And voila! A sunset and a lone oak tree now covered the fridge door, and dinner was served for the hungry pup. Still looking fabulous she raced out the door to meet her suitor.

  29. After playing all day as a makeup artist and hair stylist for a Star Wars convention extravaganza, Leila is SO excited to go to the cast party. She has decided that the face paint brush she accidentally glued to her hand with Pros-Aid will do just dandy as a fashion accessory.

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