Happy Father’s Day!

It’s been a tough year for my dad.

Immediately following Thanksgiving he went into ER for a pain in his lower leg. It turned out to be cancer. He may have lost his limb, but certainly not his spirit.

Unfortunately the cancer has come back and spread, but my dad is taking it one day at a time and staying strong. He keeps busy working in the garage. He is sporting a fancy computerized leg these days and his current goal is to be able to get around without the aid of his shiny red walker.

ANY time I get ANYwhere near a self-pity mode, all I have to do is think of my dad and the thought vanishes. Many other people would call it a day go the couch potato route, but not my dad. He is being as active as he can, going to as many parties and family events as possible. He is still sharing all his stories from his adventurous life, still watching the sports games – cussing at the TV when his favorite players blow it. He drives to his errands. He always asks about my work, he has promised to read my novel when it comes out next March. He is teaching DeAngelo about tools and how to have successful garage sales. He is trying really hard to keep everything business as usual, even tough the rest of family members us are crumbling inside.

Today is a day to be grateful for our dads. (Or anyone in your life who felt like a dad.) My sister and I gathered some pictures and Maya made this little video for him (please overlook the typo at the end!). I hope he likes it!

Sending lots of love out to all the daddies (and single mommies who are daddies too!). May your days be blessed and joyful! (CLICK HERE IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE VIDEO BELOW)


Love & light,

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  1. Kathy–sorry to hear about your Dad’s illness. He sounds like he is “dealing well” with everything–good for him. I just loved your video! My goodness, he is some handsome guy! Be sure and tell him that I LOVE that red walker–where did you find it? Does it have any GLITTER on it?
    Tell you dad, Happy Father’s Day from a “crafting friend” in Texas!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the video on your dad. He is just the cutest!! Your whole family is so inspiring!!!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!


  3. I loved this video. All the times that I have read your blog and now with this video, it makes me feel as though I know your family. I will keep your dad in my prayers. He is very strong. He is very handsome too! I celebrated with my dad, he is 90!

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