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INSPIRATION FRIDAY: Jennifer Rodriguez

Inspiration of Hope

Special for CraftyChica.com by Jennifer Rodriguez

If you are anything like me, you have more craft and art supplies than you could ever use in a lifetime. It’s hard not to over collect when there are new and exciting products coming out every month. With this overabundance, one would think we would have all the inspiration we need. However, I find that my bounty of goods can stifle my creativity at times and I often buy repeat products because I forget what I have in my studio. This spring I pledge to clean out my stash. I’m excited to find tools and half worked projects that were long forgotten. I know this will recharge my creative juices and will produce wondrous new ideas.

While I’m running around giddy like a schoolgirl with a brand new set of crayons, I am going to set aside those craft items that no longer interest me. I’m guessing that I will have quite a few boxes of cast-offs. I’m planning on donating these items to children and teens in need. In the wake of the recession and record levels of foreclosures, there are countless children out there in need of some creative outlet. A few crayons, some glitter, and a blank piece of paper could open up doors for some children out there. What better way to inspire hope, than to hand a child the gift of art.

I hope this spring while you’re cleaning out your closets, you will take time to organize your craft area. I promise you’ll find items that will inspire you to create and you’ll find treasures that could open up doors for a child in need.

Jennifer Rodriguez is a self taught artist that loves to dabble in every craft imaginable.
Her work can be seen on Etsy at allthingsbelle.etsy.com and busyizzybakery.etsy.com
Jennifer lives in Utah with her adorable daughter Isa and her husband Thomas.

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  1. Wahoo! It is so nice to know that I am not the only crazy crafter who has so much stash that my DH bought me a storage shed! Inspiration Friday could save our marriage.


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