iPhone Fever & Maya’s Light Graffiti

This time Friday, I’ll be smiling bright – because it is the new iPhone release day!

I bought my first one two years ago and haven’t taken a breath without it. I skipped the 3G upgrade because I was perfectly happy with my first generation model. But I absolutely cannot resist the new 3G S!!

Truth is, I LOVE my iPhone. I consider it my sixth pet. I use it for so many things beyond a phone. I take all my step-by-step pictures with it, plus photo blogging has never been easier. I store a book in it so I can read while I’m waiting for whatever reason. I use the pedometer app for my walks. I tricked out a $6 case that shows off my style of art – a live action commercial for Crafty Chica glitters and paints!

I’m hooked on the variety of apps too: Photogene, Shazam, Amazon Kindle, Camera Bag, Pandora, Urban Spoon, wikiHow, Tipulator, Ocarina, and Lighter are a few of my faves.

Another app I have is Flashlight. It turns your screen blank white, but swoosh your finger across it and it changes color. You can also make it blink in alternating glows. I never gave it much thought until recently when Maya started playing around with light graffiti.

Light graffiti is when you take pictures while moving a flashlight around. Maya used a tripod and timer on her camera, and started with a basic flashlight. Once she realized how easy – and cool – the images came out, she snagged my iPhone and sent my Flashlight app into over time. She then went to her friends house and they had a full-on light graffiti fiesta! I told her to make a demo on it and share it on her MayaInTheMoment.com web site!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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