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Patriotic Fabric Collage

There’s no need to wait until the Fourth of July to show your patriotic spirit. The bold colors of red, white and blue have become a year-round staple in handcrafts and home decor. This fabric collage is a simple yet strong way to dive into the excitement.
An enticing aspect is that you can modify this project for all skill levels, because it is based on mixing and matching fabric shapes to form a dimensional and devotional statement.
Even if you don’t own a sewing machine, you can tackle this project using a hot glue gun or fabric glue stick. Consider it your loyal crafting duty.


Patriotic Fabric Collage
* Paper and pen
* Scissors
* Assorted square and rectangle pieces of scraps of fabric in various sizes
* 8- by 10-inch piece of fabric
* Assorted strips of trim
* Fabric glue stick
* Sewing machine
* Assorted colors of threads
* Assorted buttons or sequins (optional)
* Iron
* 8- by 10-inch picture frame with glass
DIRECTIONS: On a piece of paper, draw a star or whatever other shapes you want to include on your project. Cut them out and use them as a template on the fabric scraps, and cut out those shapes. Lay the large piece of fabric on a flat surface and begin to assemble the collage. Arrange and rearrange the shapes and trim to your liking. When you find a design you like, use the fabric glue stick to tack it down. Use contrasting colored thread to sew the pieces to each other. Add small accents by sewing on buttons or sequins (if desired). When completely finished, iron. Show off your new fabric collage by framing it under glass.
VARIATION: Sew a lip at the top of your collage, slide a dowel through and attach string for a hanging wall piece.

INSPIRATION FRIDAY: Jennifer Rodriguez

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