Reader question: Shower Curtain Hooks

Dear Crafty Chica:

I have some celestial themed shower curtain hooks that I don’t wanna throw out. They look tired but I was wondering if there is any ideas of what I can do with them to reuse and make them look cool. I was thinking of putting them up as hooks but I wouldn’t know how to make them stay on the wall. I am very open with ideas.



Let’s help her out! Here are some thoughts.

– Break off the design and use on mosaic art.
– Make a hanging room divider.
– A mobile of some sort
– Napkin rings.

And you know what? Sometimes it is OK to let things go. You can always put them in a clear baggie and give them to Goodwill. Maybe someone will come across them and love them! That way your good energy will be passed on!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. If you hang a towel bar on the wall you can use these like S hooks to hang dishclothes, srubbies, belts, scarves…you name it!

  2. I use them on my wire racks. My art stuff is stored there, and I hang extras & small things and decorations from the edges of the shelves. Like fancy earrings or ornaments!

  3. maybe place the hooks on a closet’s clothing bar and hang the purses that you arent using? c’mon you know you have a lot! lol

    oooor, im not sure if they are the s-hooks or the ones that you can close (rings), maybe use it as a key holder for extra keys to keep organized? hope that helped a little bit!

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