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VIDEO: My Phoenix Dream Day!

I just about did a double flip when I was asked to film a “Phoenix Dream Day” video for the Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau. The staff chose three valley die-hards to kick off the series and I still can’t believe I was chosen as one of them! The other two are valley restaurateur Mark Tarbell, and fashion designer, Angela Johnson!

My assignment was to submit a list of all my favorite places in Phoenix and why I liked them. I ended up with three lists, each one so long you had to scroll down. Kelley Cooper, the coordinator of the series and author of the Phoenix blog, The Hot Sheet, helped nail down the final places.

At first I thought it would be all about crafty places, but the idea for a Dream Day is more about inspiration, relaxation, and experiencing all the signature places that are 100% PHOENIX culture. But have no fear, I’ll be doing a “Crafty Phoenix” round up for Kelley soon!

Producing, shooting and editing the series was Brett Kurland of Generation Idea Media. We then set a date to shoot for 12 hours – morning to night! We went from location to location until we filmed everything needed. I was nervous at first, but both Kelley and Brett had so many creative ideas, and were super relaxed, they made me laugh and I fell into the groove of it.

My only regret is not hiring my make up wondergirl, Erica Konz. She has applied all my make up for my previous video and photo shoots and she makes me look so glamorous. Her make up is like beautified armor that does not come off. I have no idea why I didn’t call her for this! As a result, my make up melted off by late morning, my hair frizzed into a teepee fro, and my eyeshadow went all spotty on me. Eh, who cares! The real star of the Dream Day series is Phoenix and all the wonderful hot spots. This adventure ROCKED!!

Brett did such a fab job putting it all together. I can’t believe he condensed it all! I wish we had room to include all the places I love in Phoenix (I’m a native so I’m very devoted), but at least seven is a good place to start!

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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  1. Congrats! I was wondering while
    watching Reading Rainbow this
    morning if you ever got on the
    Ellen show?

    What would we do without the
    sparkle in the beams of the
    Enterprize in Star Trek?

    Are Sparlkes the same as glitter?

    If so to make the beams on Star
    Trek The Next Generation they use
    a combo of water and sparkles.

    What is Ellen thinking?lol!

    How would anyone be beamed up
    or out of the Starship Enterprise?

    God Bless You and Yours!!!


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