Custom-made tiara!

I recently got this from Over The Top Tiaras, and I love, love, love it!! My problem? I’m too chicken to wear it! I’m not exactly the polished type of chica who can glide down a red carpet while balancing an encyclopedia set on her head. Plus, I think the dainty combs would get snarled in my wiry mane of curly hair!

Artist Kate Stein hand crafts each one to your liking in your choice of frames. I think she adds some magic happy dust too, because this one has major sparkly action going on! It is very sturdy – soldered strong.

I wore this loverly creation at a book reading recently and am debating if I should bring it to the CHA convention next week. I’m too chicken!!! I think I’ll decorate a foam mannequin head and set this atop it. You know, use it as an art piece of empowerment in my studio!

I do believe we should all wear tiaras, but invisible versions are just as regal! Unless it is something like this (another fabulous creation of Kate’s!), then I’d wear it 24/7:

Anyway, kudos to Kate, this is so gorgeous!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. Girl you know I’m wearing my tiara! Go ahead and own it! How wonderful someone made you a custom tiara!

    We’re all queens of our own domains and we shouldn’t be the least bit afraid to shine! I’ve been a fan of tiaras for years, I wear them when I clean the house and I wear them everywhere on my birthday.

    If other people don’t like it, they can kiss my arse! WEAR IT! I double dog dare you! We can both wear them while judging!


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