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Flashy Fireworks Headdress


It’s the 4th of July weekend, what are your kids up to? If they are little, glam them up with one of these easy crowns. It’s perfect for watching the fireworks. And if you are a kid at heart, make one for you too! I also made a really cool red, white and blue, but I can’t find it! As soon as I do, I’ll post a picture of it here. By the way, this crown is made from a visor, straws and lots of glitter!

The Fourth of July is all about flash and sparkle, especially when it comes to kids and big fireworks shows. Dress your little ones in style with this quick-to-make accessory that is sure to fire up patriotic spirit. With a foam visor, plastic drinking straws, glitter and embellishments, you and your child can make a stylin’ crown so impressive, Uncle Sam would give a wink and two thumbs up.

Flashy Fireworks Headdress

1 red, white or blue visor
Drinking straws
Hot glue gun
Red, white or blue paint, with Crafty Chica Glitter to match!
Embellishments such as foam decorations, buttons and sequins

Turn the visor upside down so it becomes a crown/tiara. Hot glue the straws vertically so they are closer at the bottom and about an inch apart at the top. Cut the excess of the straws along the bottom of the crown. Use the brush to apply paint in between and on the straws, sprinkle the loose glitter. Let dry. Hot glue the other embellishments such as buttons, sequins, and letters.


Instead of red, white and blue, make a Statue of Liberty crown using a green visor. This idea can be used for different events all year, such as birthday parties or New Year’s Eve.

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