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Super Star Soaps

The Fourth of July is the most picnic-friendly day of the year. However, before you bust out the barbecue sauce, hot wings and other finger-licking good entrees, have plenty of soap nearby. Sticky fingers can ruin a party in no time. These dimensional star soaps made from “melt and pour” glycerin not only will do the trick but also will add a layer of fun to your patriotic festivities.
White and clear glycerin, molds, dyes and scents are available at local craft stores.

* Paper towel
* Petroleum jelly
* Plastic soap-bar molds
* Large knife
* 1 pound of “melt and pour” clear glycerin soap
* 1 pound of “melt and pour” white glycerin soap
* Short glass measuring pitcher
* Soap dye in red and blue
* Spoon or Popsicle stick
* Soap scent (optional)
* Star-shaped soap log

DIRECTIONS: Use the paper towel and petroleum jelly to line the inside of the molds for easy removal of the soap. Cut the glycerin into 1-inch cubes. Put four cubes of the clear glycerin in the pitcher and melt in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Remove and stir. Add five to six drops of red color and stir again until smooth. Add a couple drops of soap scent, if desired. Pour the mixture into the molds at a 1/3 level. Let set several minutes, until firm. Rinse the pitcher until all of the red soap is removed. Put in four cubes of the white glycerin and repeat melting process. Pour the mixture on top of the red and let set until firm. Repeat process with another layer of clear glycerin tinted with blue dye. When the soaps are fully set, turn over the mold and pop them out. Makes four bars.
Slice the star-shaped soap log into 1/4-inch slices. Add a dab of melted glycerin to the top of the layered soap bars and then place a white star on top. Hold in place until it sets.
TIPS: Use extreme caution, as melted soap is hot. Always clean the container before melting new glycerin. Adding red coloring to white glycerin will result in a deep fuchsia color, as opposed to bright red. Use the leftover glycerin to make theme soaps for other upcoming events or parties.
VARIATIONS: Create chunky soap by pouring solid color bars and then cutting them into squares. Lay them in the mold and then pour melted clear glycerin over the top. The star molds can be used to insert inside the soap bar molds for another type of dimensional effect.


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