Back after a rocky week; free glitter

(“Mujer Magnifica” collage by Kathy Cano-Murillo, copyright 2009)

CHA came and went – next thing I knew, I felt that darned tickle in my throat. Turned into strep. Not fun. After going through the lowest lows with my dad’s passing, and then the highest highs with the excitement of the trade show all within 15 days, my body and spirit became depleted. I couldn’t talk or much less get out of bed for almost three days last week. I’m talking a diet of Nyquil and Tylenol Extra Strength. In my job, that is not a good thing. Someone has to stay at the wheel and drive the machine, this is a 24 hour operation! Thank goodness Patrick and the kids were there to help me!

Luckily by Friday I was feeling much better, but still taking it slow. The up side? I lost 10 solid pounds! Yippee!! There is no better feeling than to see the scale move down. Yah, it was by default, but I’m taking it as a headstart to keep going!

Yesterday Patrick’s family came over to celebrate his belated birthday. They tore up the kitchen and I mean that in a good way! My mother-in-law made flautas, rice, macaroni salad; Patrick’s sister and her husband made carne asada, veggie kabobs, cake, salsa,on and on and on. We played oldies from the boombox, watched movies, laughed and shared stories. We had a full house of happy vibes. Just what the doctor ordered!

(Stacey’s shish kabobs!)

Tomorrow night I’m teaching my class at Art Unraveled (still have spaces open!), it will feel good to dive into that scene again!

Other things I’m grooving on:

  • I lost 10 pounds!
  • Finished reading Twenties Girl (loved it!), now I’m halfway through Best Friends Forever (so far I really like it), after that I’m going to crack open Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz.
  • Last week I received my typeset novel proofs! I already had one set of chills going on from my strep, but a second set crept up when I saw what my book pages will actually look like. I had a bit of a panic attack, thinking “OH my God, what if my book totally sucks?” And then I talked myself away from that negativity and instead let myself enjoy the experience of seeing the proofs.
  • Drafting future outlines for the Crafty Chica Novel books two and three.
  • I lost 10 pounds!
  • Looking forward to seeing Julie and Julia movie.
  • Had a good cry with my little sister today.
  • Bought a new vacuum cleaner (we go thru them like water thanks to the art room).
  • Maya starts school tomorrow and DeAngelo is registered for his second year of college!

Send me a list of what you are grooving on right now! I’ll draw one name to win this wonderful bag of multi-colored Crafty Chica glitter, leftover from the CHA Super Show last weekend. It is blessed with community creativity! It is a pretty charcoal color 🙂

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

39 Responses

  1. First off, I love you! You are an immense inspiration and so positive.

    I’m groovin’ on doing some more collage work and going thru your wonderfully detailed and beautiful sewing book…maybe incorporating the two.
    Congratz on the 10 lb’s, it tough enough to do…hope your feeling better!!! Thanks so much for all you do in the crafting world.

    Sending pixie dust your way! ali

  2. Sorry to hear about the strep throat! Hate that stuff – I used to get it at least once a year, and since I do telephone-based technical support, it really sucks!

    Right now, I’m grooving on my newly revamped craft studio. It’s wonderful!

    And, as always, grooving on the hubby 🙂 He cleaned the house yesterday!

  3. Oh my, what am I groovin’ about right now? I announsed last night we (meaning hubby & I) are doing the diet thing; my back stopped hurting; feeling better from my cold (yeah, it’s been a crappy week); and the biggie, I’m ALMOST done with my granddaughter’s Christmas stocking! By the way, congrats on losing 10 pounds!

  4. Congrats on the 10lb weight lost! That’s awesome. What am I grooving on lately? Baking treats that come out tasting great. haha It doesn’t always taste good so I gotta enjoy it when it does! 😉

  5. I am so glad you are feeling better! It is always a bummer to be down for the count. And happy belated bday to your hubby!

    Lets see… What am I groovin on!?!? • I’m having a fab. hair month because of my new summer do. • Me & my (fav) cousin have reconnected • I baked my 1st batch of doggie cupcakes for my puppies 1 yr bday • I got my new bed & I am catchin up on my sleep • I am doing monthly family craft swaps • My dad found out he is borderline diabetic so the family has gone on a health food makeover to help him in his transition • I received a coupon for a free movie • My cousin & her son are comig down to visit in September • My two stoopidgerl rings are supposed to be delivered today!

    I have some more things I am groovin’ on but that’s all I can remember right now.

  6. Hmmm- I wish I was groovin’ on losing 10 pounds myself- instead, I’m groovin’ on re-reading Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, a CLEAN and organized craft room, some crafty inspiration for a necklace, hubby’s band getting back together, and a full weekend.
    Course, now it’s back to the grind. Some glitter would definitely help cheer me though! 🙂

  7. Hi Glitter Queen of all shiny things, Im grooving on some mustard yellow malabrigo buttery soft yarn, my best friend just rescued a dog named peanut, a good creamy coffee this morning, a knitted sock pattern that I am trying out called Thuja which I’m doing with greens and blues, pugs eating peanut butter, and the wind. Also, you lost ten pounds!

  8. I think I might have found your 10lbs. 😉

    Right now I’m grooving on:
    1. I FINALLY was able to photograph some of my knits.
    2. My plastic bag project is coming along at rapid speed.
    3. Snazzy new blue nail polish = bonding time with my sister.
    4. I have a wonderfully supportive and loving boyfriend that gets it (and by “it” I mean “me”)

  9. so happy you are feeling better!

    i am groovin’ on getting married in under 20 days and finishing up all my diy projects to make the day super fun. this glitter would be amazing 🙂

  10. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Congrats on the weightloss! What a great headstart, though I wish you hadn’t had to feel crappy for it. ha!

    Things I’m grooving on:
    1. Summer holidays with my kids and hubby
    2. My new studio space
    3. Found powdered green tea at the chinese supermarket in the city the other day. woohoo!!
    4. The No. 1. Ladies Detective Agency series of books by Alexander McCall Smith
    5. Julie and Julia book by Julie Powell

  11. First things first, you are awesome, creative, and a beautiful person!

    Things I’m groovin’ on now?

    1. Starting my crochet blog one month ago and finding out that people really are interested in what i have to say.
    2. Amigurumi crochet. My new passion, addiction and obsession.
    3. My new life after leaving an abusive marriage and finding out I can make it on my own!
    4. My 3 year old grandson, who I have custody of, is happy and well adjusted.
    5. Taking a much needed break after being laid off one month ago from my job of 9 years due to a company reorganization. (I always look for the silver lining!)
    6. Homemade Wendy’s chocolate Frosty’s.
    7. I’m pretty much just groovin’ on life right now!

  12. Glad you are feeling better! Congrats on the 10 lbs. Also, did you forget about the beach tote makers on the Crafty Chica Challenge? The suspense is killing us! I know you have been busy and sick. I hope you are have a great week!

  13. First of all, I am shamefully behind in reading your blog, so let me just extend my sympathies and prayers to you for the loss of your father. I lost mine 3 years ago, and, well, it just sucks. I’m so sorry.

    What I’m grooving on:
    *My dear Jane quilt! I just have to sew the binding and I am done! Finally!
    *Buttons. Buttons rock.
    *”Sober” by Pink.
    *A visit from my mom and brother, who live too far away.
    *Mixed media art quilts — turns out, it is not so hard.
    *My beads, my pretty pretty beads. I need to make more jewelry.

  14. Oh Kathy, you are like the 5th person I know who got sick at the end of CHA, including me!

    Thankfully mine stayed viral, didn’t turn into strep like yours, I’m so sorry! I still sound like Brenda Vacarro (which is a step up from sounding like Elmo for a week). I wish I could say that a sore throat and fever deterred me from overeating…congrats on the 10 pounds! 🙂

    I’m grooving on the possibilities for prettying up my backyard, trying to make new stuff for my Etsy, my first ATC Club meeting went great, and I have to prep for my fall line-up of classes at JoAnn’s!!

    I contributed to that bag of cast-off glitter, I need it to finish my skull! Thanks for the opp….

  15. I’m grooving on finding balance in my life and peace with myself when I am unable to accomplish the goals I set out for the day(like anybody else). I am stay at home mama of a 3yr old, a 16 month old & a husband that works & goes to school full time. All the while trying to find my creative side with sewing,embroidering,jewlery making.
    And I’m grooving on all of these other post.
    Thanks for your bolg love it!!

  16. I’m grooving on:
    -Finishing Twilight- I finally read it!
    -Making a red glitter frame (using crafty chica glitter of course)
    -painting another frame with chica paint!
    -making an fire opal ring (just need to get the glue in the mail!)
    -spending too much time on etsy and facebook
    -going to work as a bus monitor taking care of 5 boys
    -volunteering at my local SPCA and trying not to adopt all the cats (5 is my limit right now!)
    You are an inspiration chica!

  17. I’m grooving in my new little craft house. It was finished July 3 and I’m loving every minute of being there… crafting.
    I’m also reading your book Guide to Artful Sewing. I just love it and wanted to read it again.
    Now to the sewing.
    If you have time I’d love for you to visit my blog and check out my craft house and my first quilt (at the end of my blog.)

    Take care and have a great day! I sure hope you get well soon! Strep throat is terrible.

    Debbie Reaves

  18. Wow. I thought I was the only one groovin’ on losing 10lbs! I went raw with my class and being the “leader” I’ve had to be strong and strict and it is really working for me, my energy is amazing, walking, running, biking every day, even in 90degree weather. My daughter is entering law school. I just started working for a naturopathic Dr. that “gets me” and I have a few gentlemen callers that appreciate me. What else could I want. Oh and I won 2 online contests for 2 concerts! I never win. Maybe I can win the glitter for an artist friend of mine who is doing amazing work with the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, I know it would go to amazing use if the glitter came my way. Everyone KEEP VIBIN’!!!!!

  19. congrats on the weight loss, it always feels SO good doesn’t it? I’m happy right now because I’m pregnant and so excited for my son to have a little brother/sister to play with soon!

  20. I”m grooving on:

    1. Documentation for Work
    2. Ideas spilling all over my head for new polymer clay projects.
    3. Plans for the upcoming Marla Frankenberg class here in Tallahassee
    4. Ideas for using fabric
    5. New and different (for me) inclusions in polymer clay, including more sparkle from glitter.

  21. Thing’s I’m groovin on:
    • My friends recommendation today of to get new books by swapping my already read ones.
    • Finishing sewing my first patchwork bag for my cousin.
    • Left over birthday cake after celebrating my grandma’s 86th birthday party!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Congrats on the 10 pounds!

    I’m groovin’ on ….
    1. I’m moving to the west coast this weekend.
    2. I don’t have as much to move as I thought.
    3. Finally moving into my own home (I feel so grown up.)
    4. My husband is coming home from a 17 month deployment to Iraq.
    5. We finally get to live together after being apart for 2 year between him being deployed and me finishing my degree.
    6. I’m not as bad of a cook as I thought I was!

  23. ohh, Charcoal color glitter, I like that! ;D

    Glad you are feeling better! Things I’m grooving on:

    1. good friends
    2. supportive friends & family
    3. lots of orders, in spite of this economy
    4. good hair days!

  24. So glad you’re feeling better, strep is the pits.

    I am grooving on the films of Charles and Ray Eames, the teachings of Corita Kent, and clearing out my studio space to make room for all of the new work that is waiting to burst out into the world 😀

  25. I am groovin on yummy babies and beloved family, love of all things glittery. Waking up with glitter on my face on a regular basis…with no idea as to how it got there. Releasing clutter and embracing joy. I am also craving some great salsa…think I will go make some!

  26. Hi Kathy,
    congrats on your weight loss!!!That always calls for a clebration.
    Currently, I am groovin on the fact that I have just finished scrapbooking my wedding album. It only took me two years!!!LOL but it is now complete and I am so happy about that!
    Next will be groovin about the creation of our recent vaca scrapbook…hope it does not take another two years..Yikes, I’ll be on vaca again at that rate.

  27. I’m grooving on getting my studio organized after painting it bubblegum pink and adding a wall of shelving; reading the Yada Yada Prayer Group which I can’t seem to put down and have made it to book 3 at warp speed; and choosing fabrics and ephemera for another funky handbag. CHA got my motor revved and my muse is in the drivers seat!

  28. Glad you are feeling better and back in the saddle! What I’m grooving on right now is: catching up with some old friends and networking with some awesome crafty folks in Yahoo Group. Got the digital camera out and taking some lovely pictures of nature and getting ready for a long weekend of scrapbooking. I’m teaching my mother! Love it!

  29. I’m groovin to “Let’s Groove” by Earth Wind and Fire.
    I’m groovin on a Monday night because my children are back in school and on schedule.
    My handymen are the ultimate in groovy because they completed my honeydo list.
    I’m reading the book, Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott who is hip and groovy (she has dreadlocks).
    I’m having a not so groovy cry because my best friend’s dad is terminally ill and Hospice has been called.
    I do believe in my heart that Frida is the alltime greatest, grooviest, gifted artist!
    Groove on crafters and goodnight!

  30. I’m glad you’re feeling better! That’s alot for your body to go through. You’re going to love Julie & Julia. Just expect to be hungry once the movie is over.

    I’m grooving on a totally incredible conference call with my Passion Parties colleagues. We’re teaming together to take our biz to the next level.

    I’m also excited about my 3yo girl’S interest in dinosaurs this week.

  31. Keeping my Salsa Groove list going and growing!

    1. Working on recycling water bottle flower pincushions that have tons of “Glitter”.

    2. Continous, work on upcoming Christmas craft fair fund raiser to keep our little catholic school open. So, all my tables covered with on going projects for my main booth at the fair.

    3. Preparing for new school year to begin on august 26. Major staff and faculty meetings. Decorating classroom for children’s first day of school.

    4. Welcoming a new Kindergarten Class. And seeing last year Kindergarten become 1st grader’s. Huge smiles and proud parents.

    5. Thankful for my family and friends. And just to keep learning a little something daily from a book, a friend , family member etc.

    “Good Luck”, everyone on your lists and new adventures. Thank you, Kathy for all the wonderful writings of inspiration.

  32. Oh My, you have had a lot on your plate. Strep throat is no fun. You are amazing at keeping things going though and you have a super family for backing you up. Congrats on the 10 lbs. lost.
    I’m grooving on
    1.crafting with a vintage fabric I found. Lots of bright colors, love it.
    2. I finished a mixed media painting on wood I’ve been working on for some time now.
    3. I found the perfect crown to finish off said art work.
    4. My granddaughters school shopping is done and we found everything on the list.
    5. Makeing ATC’s with said vintage fabric.
    I could use more glitter to sparkle up those ATC’s. Hope I win!!

  33. I’m definitely grooving on some fun stuff lately too. Nice way to spend the last few summer weeks before I both have to go back to school and my fall teaching schedule for Matrix picks up and I have a hair cutting and color class every Monday again.

    Here’s what I’m groovin on:

    *Destash! I’m working through all my jewelry supplies, then it’s time for paper craft destash, followed by fabric.

    *I’m going to be making fresh salsa tonight from 2 big bags of vine-ripened organic tomatoes from my parents’ garden.

    *My salon is planning a photo shoot for next month, so we’re in the layout phase of developing our concept.

    *I’m starting my outline and book proposal for my future first craft book. So nervous!

    *My second wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and we’re beginning to make plans for our mini-vacation.

    *I lost 5 pounds and fit back into my favorite summer clothes again!

    *Tonight with a friend I’m pouring the resin for pendants we’ve been putting together. We’ve been slowly working on the artwork for them for a couple weeks.

    *I’ll also be revamping my entire website collection to make it easier to get around, have it look more artistic, and be able to get from one page to another easily.

    Just want to say thanks for the constant inspiration! It’s people like you Kathy that remind me how great it can be to live life as an artist. Cheers!

  34. 1. Awesome!!! You have loss 10 lbs. and you are feeling groovy about it! May you be blessed with more (good and healthy) weight loss!

    2. I loss 17 lbs since this time last year and it is seeming to stay off. Went from size 12 to size 6! I haven’t seen this size in over 15 years! No diet, just lots of physical work … which means my metabolism is burning better. Gotta keep on trucking!

    3. Check-up for right carpel tunnel surgery went good today. Scheduled to do left wrist next week! (Cakewalk of a surgery!) Looking forward to less pain and numbness!

    4. Scheduling to go back up to St. Johns in September and meet my cousin Darlene there. She is going to teach me (and maybe my mom this time around) more ropes about archaeological surveying and record keeping!

    5. Re-organizing my sewing room and especially my fabric collection! My friend Lucia is helping. It has been cool to hang out with her again!

    6. Garden is still producing tomatoes and chiles. Big pumpkins look to be 4 feet in diameter. Gourd vines want to take over the whole area! Hope to see more fruit set on all the plants with the weather cooling off.

    7. Maximus’ broken toes have healed!

    8. Considering what cool gifts to make for PAQA’s (Phoenix Area Quilters Association) Holiday party in December. (In charge of hospitality for the group)

    9. Showed several of the ladies at the last PAQA sew-in how to fuse plastic bags together. Loving the recycled plastic bag handbag I made out of “Arizona Republic Newspaper” bags and “Fresh and Easy” grocery bags!

    10. Waiting for those temperatures to get under 100 so that I can start to go back out to Casa Blanca to finish the adobe mud walls on my hut out there.

    11. The chile piñatas were a hit at my Annual Chavez Family Reunion last month! Made four of them.

    12. Enjoyed another German wine tasting at the home show this last weekend!

    13. Back to attending WNBA Mercury games!

    14. Talking to my daughter every couple of days. I love to hear from her!

    15. Loving all those kisses my husband gives me everyday!

    16. Loving all those kisses my dogs give me everyday too!

    17. Gonna Keep on Grooving!

  35. Kathy, I’m grooving on:
    • Making mail art (I think I’m finding my inner artist)
    • Sending/receiving snail mail
    • Loving the “Julie & Julia” movie that I saw today
    • Leaving for Edmonton, Canada on Thursday for a short holiday. I’ll be escaping the Phoenix heat since the highs are in the 60’s (can you stand it?!)
    • My novio, as always

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