DIY Auction Paddles!

Yesterday for lunch I went to The Heard Museum to make auction paddles for our event on Friday night. We REALLY got into the process – Glitter, pop dots, painted handles, etc. We didn’t finish! I was just about to head out there today for lunch when Melissa called me to let me know that the staff at the Heard had so much fun yesterday, they didn’t stop working on them.

Now all the paddles are done!
(Kate Crowley, marketing director shows off her work!)

We used the game boards from the Crafty Chica Loteria game and printed out big numbers on card stock. We tore the edges around the numbers and used Aleene’s Paper Glaze and Crafty Chica Glitter. we then glued the numbers to the game boards.
(Melissa Martinez, Senior Exhibit Designer working the glue gun!)

Next, we used Tulip 3D Fashion Paint and decorated tongue depressors and glued them to the back of the game boards.

Now we have custom-made auction paddles! Hopefully people will wave them in the air when their favorite item goes up – and say “$5,000!” and then someone else will pop theirs up and counter, “$10,000!!!” I can visualize it right now!

Hey, I’m dreaming BIG, OK? We are donating 20% to Valle del Sol, an awesome local charity that always gave us work when we were struggling artists in the early days. We are paying it forward!

Here are the items going up for auction. Yesterday I was told that many phone calls have come in to the Heard from out of state of people wanting to bid by phone. Unfortunately, you have to be there in person because the items have to leave that night. You know what is so cool? People have flown in from other states just for ONE DAY to see our exhibit before it closes! It makes me get choked up at the thought of it. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.

INFO: Our exhibit, La Casa Murillo, closes on Friday at 4 p.m. The doors will be shut for good. At 6:30 p.m. that evening we’ll start the auction festivities. There will be a band, food, cash bar and dancers. At 7, the auctioneer will begin with the first item (15 in all). By 8 p.m. we will be done! Free admission!
Here is a college student I met yesterday. He brought his little sister to see our show!

Love & light,

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  1. These paddles are SUPER COOL!! I hope you make these available to sad people like me who wish they could be at this event but live too far away…hint…hint… ;=) I know the auction will be a SUPER SUCCESS just like all of you!

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