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Dear Crafty Chica,
How would you make a plain messenger bag bought at a local store look good it is plain fushia with a black border. Would you applique it or paint and of course add glitter I need to know? Thanks I love you are the best.

I would do all of it! to me, a bag without embellishments is like a glitter without sparkle. Hook that bag up! OK, first of all, I would find (or make your own!) an applique and affix it to the bag – maybe even smaller ones for the corners. I’d then embellish it with fabric paint, fabric pens (sample of one I made) or embroidery. You can also glue gems, flat-backed crystals or charms to it, add trims, etc. Before you do all that, you could even use a bleach pen to add a background design to it, and then do all the other stuff. You could also add a stencil design and fill it in with paint.

Dear Crafty Chica,

Thank you first, for being just who you are. I have loved bright colors and glitter almost all of my life and my family of origin often teases me about it (but who do they come to when their jewelry breaks or they need something spiffied up after a minor flaw has occurred?–me of course). My husband doesn’t get my craftiness sometimes, but he loves me for it always. He’s a keeper! I do mostly collage and assemblage, by the way, but I dabble in a lot of things really.

Anyway, the reason I decided to contact you has to do with the Crafty Movie list you featured in your book Art De La Soul, which I recently purchased. This may seem silly, but I wanted to tell you, in case you didn’t already know, that there is a Japanese film, called Kamikaze Girls that you should add to your own list (not the book list, obviously since it is already published) if you should so desire. The main character, Momoko is a Gothic Lolita devotee who ends up being asked to do embroidery, first for her unlikely friend and then for a Tokyo Harajuku area designer. Just the shot of her embroidery thread all lined up according to color was craftiness enough, but really the whole film is visually inspiring as well as wacky, quirky good fun!

If you have heard of it and seen it, then please disregard this message. I hope whoever does your emails, sends this on to you. You have inspired me to stay true to who I am. So thanks so much.

Stay Crafty,

You ROCK! I collect movies that have crafty undertones, I call my library Crafty Cinema! I will definitely check this one out. Thank you for taking the time to write and for sharing the 411 on the flick! All of us crafty movie buffs appreciate it!





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