Books and art, oh my!

I know fall has arrived when my left eye begins to twitch. That means things are getting very, very busy – but still exciting!

Tonight I’m joining a group of women from Las Comadres for a comadrazo (potluck/meet up/book discussion!).

Tomorrow and Friday I’m taking part in the 24th Annual Hispanic Womens’ Conference. I’m still trying to pull together the exhibit booth. My main focus is to promote the Crafty Chica product line and my web site.

But I want to do something more meaningful than just setting out samples, fliers, craft supplies and artwork. The women attending are there because they want to better their lives. They are setting goals and are seeking resources to help reach them. Since the conference is all about self-empowerment, I came up with this idea of creating a type of vision board. I’m making colorful cards that women can come by and write down what their goal is and paste it on the board.

I truly believe once we make a proclamation to the universe, the wheels are set in motion. Then it is up to us to follow through. There is no waiting for pieces to fall in place, or the perfect time. There is no such thing! I’ve been there, so I know! It’s about nudging those pieces a little bit each day until you step back and see it is all coming together! Someone who is a great example of that is this artist:

Laura Lopez Cano (no relation, but I wish!). She creates the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen, I adore her style. She has a great story too!

Laura always provides the poster art for the Hispanic Womens’ Conference and is always there with an art booth to meet and greet her fans. I can hardly wait to stop by and say hi! Laura motivates me to push myself to become a better artist! Here is another painting of hers. Check out her web site!

Thursday I’m moderating the “Chica Lit” panel. More giddy overload, the presenters are three fabulous contemporary Latina authors!

Leila Cobo, “Tell Me Something True”

Fabi Santiago, “Reclaiming Paris”

Anjanette Delgado, “The Heart Break Pill”

and Friday I’m a presenter on “Maximizing Your Experience”.

As soon as the event ends on Friday, I’ll be whisked away to a First Fridays party with my craft group, The Phoenix Fridas. (Psst, we just won an award!) We are showing off our wares and sharing artful tips to anyone who is interested at Art Awakenings. We’ll be there until 10ish.

Down the block, Patrick’s band is performing at The Bread Fruit, a Jamaican restaurant in downtown Phoenix.

Sure it takes a lot of energy, but it is a dream week – sharing art, getting inspired, hopefully inspiring others!

Come Saturday – I’ll sleep in and enjoy the cooler temperatures!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

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  1. Oh Kathy, If I were in Phoenix I’d be your “groupy” and follow you to every event. It sounds like so much fun and hard work too. The short time I’ve been hanging around I’ve cme to realize when it comes to creative energy you are full of it. Happy Days and enjoy sleeping in on Saturday. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this fun stuff you’ll be doing. 🙂

  2. I just LOVE when you can posts about authors I have not heard about. I alread have their books on my “to read” list.

    I am sending you a lot of energy & good vibes this season! I can hardly wait to read what you are doing next.

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