Creativity Exercise: Just Doodle It!

“I will only look at what I came to buy.”

“I will only touch what I came to buy.”

“I will only put in my cart what I came to buy.”

I say this to myself every time I pull into the parking lot at Michaels. It only works when Patrick is with me. When I go alone, watch out.

The other day I went in, only focused on silver squeeze paint, which I needed to finish an art order. Wouldn’t you know I somehow ended up in the frame aisle. Just as I talked myself out of buying a stack of raw wood 5x7s – I saw this (see photo).

A doodle pad that doubles as a frame! All these wonderful creative opportunities scrolled through my brain. This was worth breaking my mantra for! I could use it for writing, sketching, collage, testing the ink levels on my markers. This frame would change my life and make me a better artist, writer, human being! My first impulse was to buy one in ever size, but I thought about the Shopaholic move and dialed my desire back to ONE frame.

Tonight I was a bit stuck and I thought I’d doodle. I challenged myself to only using one color. Have you ever tried that? It forced me to use my creativity to come up with new patterns and designs rather than relying on contrasting hues to do it for me. I doodled my little heart out.

I plan to tear off this frame page and use it in an upcoming collage project – and then doodle a new page!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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