My experience at the Discworld convention!

(See more pictures from the convention HERE)

Friday night, DeAngelo and I headed out to Tempe to the Discowrld convention. The show organizer hired me to teach paper flower making to the 1,000 attendees. I hadn’t heard of the book series, but I read up on it last week so I’d be prepared.

We knew we arrived at the correct location when we passed a wizard in a red cloak and pointy hat. We took a few more steps and bumped into a trio of giggling witches. We found our way into the ballroom to find glittery centerpieces, wall art and a gorgeous food spread. We set up our table – ready for 1,000 paper flowers to be assembled!

Now, let me preface a bit. When someone asks me to demo paper flowers, I go all the way. I set out 20 colors of tissue paper, assorted rubber stamps and ink pads, curvy scissors for fancy edges and so on. I was ready to teach these fantasy fans the process from start to finish.

However – just like the leader of a band – you have to adjust the set list to the mood of the crowd. The drinks were flowing freely, people were happy and bubbly. I quickly assessed they wouldn’t want want to choose and layer their tissue, much less ink stamp it before fan folding it and then fluffing it. So I set out samples of the flower making process in stages so I could show the guests, and as for the takeaway, I put DeAngelo on high alert.

“Help me prefold the flowers so all they have to do is fluff the layers! Hurry!”

We hustled to prefold as many paper flowers as we could. I did this in between showing how to make them. I’ve been doing this for many years, so yah, I’ve build up some speed. The people were awestruck.

“Look at her go! She is so fast!” One lady in a corset observed while petting the furry animatronic pet on her shoulder.

Another princess-type maiden chimed in. “Wow. This is her culture we are witnessing. Centuries of craftsmanship and femininity. It’s like… a sacred ritual…”

I smiled and handed her a pre-folded tissue paper flower, ready to be fluffed. Little did she know I was just racing to try to get enough stock up to meet the demand of the crowd! But hey, I’ll take the centuries of craftsmanship credit!

Later that night, Deangelo and I went to Village Inn for pie. We had such a good time at the party and we traded observations. We laughed at the centuries of craftsmanship comment.

“Mom, they were so intrigued with your paper folding,” DeAngelo said. “You had the whole crowd’s attention! It was like you were one of those Guatemalan ladies working a loom at the art fair…”

Another funny time was when Death showed up to make a flower. A tall person in a flowy dark cloak and a sickle to match walked up to our table.

“I’d like to make a flower.” Extends a long skinny arm draped in black jersey knit.

“Great! What color of tissue paper would you like?” I ask.

“Black and red, please.”

It was a night to remember! Oh – and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the event organizer handed me a beautiful blue prize ribbon and told me I was now an honorary Seamstress Guild member! Wonder what the husband will say about that, lol…

We had the honor of meeting Terry Prachett, author of the Discworld series. DeAngelo even got a picture with him. Mr. Prachett was very kind and jovial. He loves beer! The guests were all in a great mood, excited to share the details of their handmade costumes. I loved this lady’s butterfly costume – so much detail! I took a little video of her (she even used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue on it!).


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