My three current book projects

Here are some updates of what is going on in my writing world!

– WAKING UP IN THE LAND OF GLITTER has been sent to the printer for a batch of advance reader copies! Get this – right before the machine switch was flipped, the most AWESOME book blurb came in from one of my all-time favorite authors (who happens to be a regular on the NYT Best Seller List)! My editor was able to get the quote printed on my cover just in time. Knock me over with a hand-dyed feather! Triple thanks to all the authors who have sent me book blurbs so far, I am blown away by your kindness and support!

– I’m starting on my second novel. It already has a title and even a cover concept, but I don’t think I’m allowed to blog it yet. That is the hard part about going to “the next level”. You can’t share updates as freely as you’d like. If you follow my Diary of a Crafty Chica blog, you might remember an idea I had for a book called Band Wives, about women who are forced together every week at a night club’s tiny cocktail table when their significant others form a band. Well – that idea didn’t fly.
I’m glad it didn’t. It forced me to come up with a different story, which I loved. While in Fresno recently, I bounced the new synopsis off my friend, Alexa, and she loved it too. The next day I went to a coffeehouse with my laptop and pounded out the storyline. It flowed like water through my hands, easy and cool. I went to bed proud that night. The next day I woke up, went into work and thought and thought. It didn’t seem “big” enough anymore. I scrapped it – except one kernel of the idea. I sprinkled it with a recent experience from one of my sewing workshops and came up with something that I feel is innovative. I came home from California and spent the weekend fleshing it out. I pitched it to Patrick and the kids and they all nodded YES simultaneously. I know it is a good idea, because now they tell me things like “and then you can do this!” or “you should have them go here!”
I’m delighted to share that both my agent and editor gave it two thumbs up. Hint: Let’s just say I will be shadowing some fashion designers this fall!

– My next craft book. I turned in a proposal to my agent. It was a hard book to tackle in a proposal, so much was involved. It took me months. Erin (my guardian angel agent) sent me back an arsenal of vital notes. I’m using them to “craft” my proposal into something sleek and presentable. See? Even though I have seven books, it’s not always cake. Eggshells get in the batter all the time. But instead of throwing the whole thing out and going on a bender at Sprinkles, I roll up my sleeves and fix the problem. Sometimes it is just picking out the eggshells, other times it is starting all over from scratch. The goal is to make it ROCK. And that takes a lot of effort, sacrifice and dedication. So if you have something you are working on and are passionate about, stick with it, do not give up! You have to start somewhere.
Oh, great. now I want a cupcake.

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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