Our afternoon in ER

I received a call this afternoon from the school nurse that Maya crushed her finger in the door during orchestra class. I didn’t know how bad the injury was, the nurse was so vague! I raced to pick Maya up. When I reached the school, she was standing by the front office in tears. I could tell her finger wasn’t broken, but it was very swollen and red so I took her to the emergency room. I didn’t do so good the first time this happened to one of my kids, and I didn’t want to make the same mistake!

We get there to find a packed waiting room. Everyone was angry, talking about how they had been there for hours. All of a sudden we hear, “Maya Murillo?” We exchanged confused looks, wondering why we didn’t have to wait. We stood up and and heard a collective gasp from the crowd. We didn’t dare make eye contact as we passed through them, we could feel the death stares piercing into our backs!

The reason for our cut in line?

Maya is under 18, therefore she was grouped into the pediatrics unit, which was empty. I hadn’t been to the hospital since my dad died, so I was nervous. But the kids’ wing was just so cheery, it lifted the mood. Each room was themed: Camping Room, Firehouse Room, Library Room – we were placed in the Water Park Room. All the nurses came in to cheer up Maya, who at this point, was feeling like a rock star. The nurses even put Finding Nemo on the TV for us, and then brought in a therapy dog for her to pet!

They wheeled in the X-Ray machine and snapped some pictures of her hand.

The nurse told us it was a finger-breaking kind of day. Maya was one of many in the past few hours, and one more had just come in after us. In the end, her finger wasn’t broken or even fractured. It was sprained. She will be able to play the piano, viola, and tie-dye again! They gave her a splint and sent us on our way!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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  1. Oh my, sorry to hear about her finger injury. But on the bright side every girl deserves a pampered kind of day and Maya (and mommy) got a reminder she may be growing up but she’s still mommy’s little girl. How sweet is that!!
    Take care Maya!!

  2. So sorry about Maya’s ouchie! Glad to hear that while painful it wasn’t as serious as it could be. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. I wish all hospital er rooms were like that one! I read your blog quite often, and I am excited to read about Maya playing the viola! I teach middle school orchestra and I am a viola player myself! Tell Maya I said hello, from one viola player to another!

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