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PHOTO: 6 of 18 boxes of glass bowls to be embellished for Profiles of Success Awards. By next week.

I promise this will not be a whiny post. It’s a clear-my-head post.

DeAngelo is now a full-time college student and hasn’t had time to help out anymore. The emails are piling up, the art room is looking sloppy – and we are headed to our busiest season yet. Prizes need to be mailed, forms need to be filled out and faxed, frames need to be basecoated, deliveries need to made, items need to be picked up, directions need to be typed, the list goes on and on and on…My next novel is due in 4-1/2 months and I’m anxious to get going on it!

And these are all things I do outside of my full-time job. Again, not whining, just stating the facts. It is time to organize to be more productive. Strategic planning, that kind of stuff.

Tonight, while I’m filling out forms and wishing I could be snuggling with my pillow, I’m thinking that it is really time to focus on the big picture. I’m sooo ready to find an assistant or intern. I wish I could find someone like Teri from my favorite new show, Drop Dead Diva (it is such a cute series!). The spray cheese and all. And with a reliable car to run errands, a love for crafting, patience for packing and mailing orders, sorting through email, etc…I don’t even know where to start looking.


Whew, that feels better! The call has been sent out to the universe!

On a perkier note, we are heading into fall, which means events galore. Hispanic Heritage Month, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Non-stop crafty action, I tell you. Work is going fabulous, lots of awesome projects coming up the pipe, so incredible they will melt the glitter off your eyelids. You are wearing glitter on your eyelids, right?

This week we brought home ALL the items from the Heard Museum exhibit.
485 items. I’ve slowly been trying to incorporate them into our house. Every time I walk into the garage, I feel like I’m going shopping because there are boxes and boxes of decorations to choose from. People keep writing us to see if we will sell any of it. I’m not sure yet, I want to sort it all out. The experience of La Casa Murillo taught me to make our home artful now – before any more time passes. But then again, we only have so much wall space…

I recieved two exciting packages in the mail! One is a tricked out letter from our friend, Corky. She has been on every Crafty Chica cruise, and she comes to almost all of our California events. She writes us several times a year – beautiful hand written letters with handmade trading cards inserted. Look at the letting on the envelope. I can’t bear to toss it, I’m going to staple it on my inspiration wall in my art room with the other colorful notes I receive from friends.
And last – because I have so many important creative and business brainstorming sessions coming up this season, I needed a little extra inspiration. Isn’t this a great crown? I’m going to wear it while I work on my upcoming books and the Crafty Chica product line. Also for coming up with craft designs. Just in case any of my family reads this – yes, I’ll wear it for dinner planning and household organization ideas too. *wink*

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

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  1. Aw, if only I still lived in Phoenix I would totally apply for the job! Hope you find someone who is awesome, you definitely need the help. I get tired just reading about all that you do in your life. Whew, I still don’t know how you do it all. Btw, I LOVE the crown!

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