Busy days! Giveaway! Starbucks Via!

Howdy! Hope you are enjoying the new projects for the season, I had a hecka lotta fun making all of them. I’m finally getting the hang of my new camera and love taking pictures, can you tell? There’s a lot of front yard action going on, that is my comfort zone. Soon I’ll branch out to other areas of my ‘hood – like the backyard! I still have a lot to learn, but I’m trying!

These days, I’m running on six hours of sleep, sheer enthusiasm, and double strength coffee. (I’m not mentioning the bad eating habits, whoops, I just did). You have no idea how many things are going on. Day of the dead events, custom orders, out-of-state appearances, books to write, plus my full-time job!

If I think about it too much, I’ll have what Patrick calls A Hizzy Crafty Breakdown. So instead of worrying for too long, I jot down a daily to-do list and plow right through it. My eyelids pop open at 6 am for work, so that by 4 I can switch over to making stock for the upcoming festivals. I’m in full-on productive machine mode!

This weekend I made 15 amazing art collage purses. I’m proud because I worked really hard on the details and they look gorgeous. I made them all from scratch using recycled fabrics, fabric swatches, canvas paintings, embroidery, appliques and more. I want to put them on Etsy, but I need to save them for the festivals. I’ll ask Maya to post pics soon if she has a chance, time is of the essence, otherwise I would.

Every project these days is tied to a tight deadline, so I have to weed out as many time suckers as possible. I even trimmed out my daily coffee run. I only have one week left to make merch for the upcoming festivals – and there three of them and they are HUGE. People come to our booth and expect to be blown away. We always try to take it up a notch and that requires mucho energy.

Next week I’m in Fresno at the iLoveToCreate headquarters (yay!!). Part of me wants to take stuff to make in my hotel room at night. I did that one year. I resined 200 magnets in the bathroom, and then the next day at work, I had a panic attack thinking that they stank so bad, the maid thought I concocted something illegal in there.

Hmm. Nah, I don’t think I’ll resin in the hotel room again, but I could write out my labels for my purses. Then again, maybe it will be a good time to shut down and let the creative juices flow. Or perhaps just let my brain be a blob and do nothing but watch movies at the multiplex. The world will not come to an end if I don’t have an overflowing table of goods to sell. Life will go on.

I’m also gearing up to start on my next novel. Oh!

*Feels tap on shoulder…*

My main character wants me to introduce her to you! Her name is Scarlett Santana, but her friends call her Miss Scarlett. She’s winking at you while she pushes up her pin up girl ‘do with one hand and waves with the other. I’m excited to hang out with her when I start on her story on November 1st. Juicy adventures are in store!

Well, it’s off to bed for me. I’m actually in a hurry to fall asleep because I’m excited to wake up to get going on these fabulous activities. I have a couple of biggie announcements to make – deets coming soon!

Real quick – I tried Starbucks Via Ready Brew the other day…LOVE IT! It is so dang tasty and EASY, I want to make a criss-cross holster to wear across my chest with little slots. That way I can wear the packets 24/7 for coffee in an instant. Ask your local Starbucks barista for a sample and he’ll give you a handful. At least mine did.

OK, for making it through my ramblings – I have to permission from my book editor to give away two early proofs of my upcoming novel, WAKING UP IN THE LAND OF GLITTER.

Leave a comment telling me what your ultimate fantasy job scenario is: Crafting for the First Lady? Custom designing an Oscar gown for Eva Longoria? A globe trotting artist?

Be creative, have fun with it, pretend it is a TV sitcom! Those who add lots of details will have their name entered twice for the drawing!

Pssst…I do this all the time as a visual manifestation exercise, it really works!

Here is mine:

I walk into Target to buy school supplies for my kids and I see a big endcap display that says “CRAFTY CHICA for Target”. It has all kinds of cool products – well what is left of them because a lot have sold out already. I’m excited because the display is in 1,000 stores and it is a week early! Because it was such a big order, I was able to donate a portion of the proceeds to my new foundation, Crafty Chica Charities. As I walk closer to the display, my cell rings and it is Patrick. He says Amy Sedaris called our house to invite us to NYC for a cupcake making party. She also wants to know about the best brand of edible glitter, can I help her save the day – and I tell her no worries, we just developed Crafty Chica Edible Glitter and I’ll have some samples Fed Ex’d to her. My other line beeps and it is my boss. She informs me that the top secret varnish recipe I dreamed up has just been formulated in the iLoveToCreate chemistry lab – and is so ground breaking it has the potential to SAVE THE WORLD!

OK…your turn! Two entries will be randomly selected to receive one copy of the book!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

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  1. My dream career is not a crafty one, though I wold love to have an active crafty business to work on on the weekends. No, my dream career has to do with wrangling invisible mass murderers. I want to work on outbreak control, specifically of special pathogens- Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, Hantavirus (though I wouldn’t say no to a career based on certain parasitic or otherwise wide-reaching diseases- somewhere I can have a serious impact). My plan runs this way: undergraduate (Microbiology and Biology majors; minor in Biomedical Sciences) with research experience. Find some kind of clinical job which will prepare me to test for various medical science certifications. Use certifications to make myself useful to Doctors Without Borders. Use Doctors Without Borders to make myself useful to some interesting grad school programs. PhD. Use PhD to get into the Epidemic Intelligence Service (part of the CDC). After that, the whole world is waiting.

    Problem is, I’m stuck in the “find clinical job” stage and have been since August. Alas.

    I’d also happily take a position working for a travel magazine or show, preferably as host or writer. 🙂


  2. One of Martha Stewart’s assistants walks into her office and says, “I have found them!” Excited, she sits down to watch a YouTube video of two ladies doing a crafting tutorial. She agrees with her assistant that this “Chica and Jo” are the perfect replacements for her now that she has decided to retire and leave her crafting empire to someone else. She immediately calles them to seal the deal and all of the merchandising that used to have Martha Stewart on it now has “Chica and Jo”. Ahh…our destiny awaits!

  3. my dream job is simple and would make me happy.
    It would definitely involve my crafting, so far i scrapbook, make greeting cards, and inspirational visionary boards. I would then find a way to incorporate my photography into the crafts. I am a photographer at heart and crafting is the cherry on top. My artwork would be so desired, that I would be making crafts and art for the white house and the buckingham palace! I would be making so much money i would donate money to open up crafting after school centers for students that had no art departments, so mainly in the lower economic communities, such as east los angeles, and compton.
    In the future, i would open and establish an art school for ppl who wanted to be artist/craft for a living. Currently there are no schools for scrapbooking or collage making, and I would like to change that.
    thanks for allowing us to do this!!


  4. OOOOH, my ultimate dream job….. Well, it is everything I am doing right now- but on a very larger scale! I would love to be that artist that everyone just loves and knows about! That is my dream!!!! I would travel & make appearances everywhere! If only I had unlimited amounts of resources and a couple amazing & fun assistants, oh, the things I could do & create!!!! There are sooo many things I so desire to do! I would be sewing amazingly cute stuffed pieces (hmmm, I better learn how to sew 🙂 ), I would be featured in lots of Stampington magazines, often! Now that is my ultimate dream life!

  5. My dream job would be to get paid to play with dogs. I wouldn’t even have to be paid very much to be happy…really, if I didn’t have to pay for anything I would do it for free.

  6. The breeze wafts in from the mediterranean, full of the scents salt water and lavender, tussling the heaps of hand dyed embroidery floss. I am embroidering another LED on to a the last weather girl cape. The show at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris doesn’t open for a month.

  7. I roll over and realize that I am in Paris. Yesterday I was in Austria. Next week.. who knows. The view of the Eiffel Tower greats me as I smell the fresh coffee wafting in from the balcony windows.
    The phone rings. It is my publisher. Yes, they want another photo travelogue book from yours truly. Could I fly to Egypt and take some shots of the pyramids? Of course.
    My dear hubby calls to me from the next room. He has had room service warm the towels, and add extra bubbles to my morning bath. He is going out for the daily paper… is there anything else I want ?
    No — it’s pretty much perfect 🙂

  8. I have finally arrived..crew and all behind me!
    We are in Lourdes,France going to visit the healing waters that so many from around the world have come to find a cure from their ailments.
    It’s amazing to be able to film a weekly show on the holiest sites and shrines around the world and it also doesn’t hurt having the title of ratings queen on the Travel Channel.(yeah,sometimes I do wear my customize tiara created by the Crafy Chica and admire myself in the mirror saying who’s the fairest of them all..)
    What I enjoy the most is the people I meet,the stories they share with me, and of course being able to throw spirit into the recipe.
    Although I can never imagine myself leaving the magical places I visit I always do,and I am never the same.
    I take each place with me like a slice of my favorite sweet potato pie woven deep within my soul.
    I wish I could say this is all work,but it’s not..it’s an extension of my heart’s map guiding me in the directions I must go.
    I’m not sure what to make of the bird that just left a warm chocolately surprise on my hair,but according to my mother it’s supposed to be good luck (who knows where she got that one from). Let’s hope so..or my producers may not be too happy with me.


  9. I’m in a chic restaurant in Manhattan, wearing the fabulous long necklace I made from bronze chain and swarovski crystals in ten different muted colors. A movie producer (or a prominent costumer, or assistant, I’m not picky) stops me to tell me that she thinks my necklace would be perfect for the movie she is working on, to be worn by Penelope Cruz (or Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek, Maggie Gyllenhaal . . . again, I’m not picky). She insists on buying my necklace on the spot, and then wants to see other pieces I’ve made to incorporate into her movies. Other movie people see my jewelry on the screen and begin hiring me to design pieces for their movies (and giving my an unlimited budget in the process, to realize my vision). Soon I become known for my funky-yet-elegant jewelry, and the actors and musicians want to wear some.

    Hey, It could happen.

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