Caption Contest: Martian Chihuahua With the Measles

File this under CRAFT FAIL.

OK, last week when I received the boxes of my novel galleys, I was muy excited. I’m talking running around the house, stopping only to moondance kind of excited. I decided to channel that energy into art. I sashayed into the studio and grabbed the first thing I saw – a random Chihuahua bank.

“Hello, my friend, ready for a makeover?” I asked.

I slathered him in Collage Pauge and gold & hot pink glitter. Then I drew little circles all over his body with green glitter 3D Fashion Paint. And then I slapped gems inside the circles. And then micro crystals. And then purple glittered dots. And then light gold glitter dots. I sang and bootie-wiggled in my chair the entire time.

I finished in 15 minutes. And then I craved a cigarette. (I don’t smoke.) I left him to cure overnight and skipped on to bed.

The next morning, Patrick goes in the studio, looks at him and jolts back. “Holy Sh*t! What the ____ happened to him??” he asked. He looks like he is from Mars. And he has the measles!”

I picked up my pouty ceramic victim and inspected him closer. “Actually, I think he looks like he escaped from Lady Gaga’s handbag…” I replied.

Sigh. Crafty Chica lesson learned is sometimes it’s not good to craft when you are on Code Red Happy.

I snapped some pictures and I know this little guy is trying to say something.

Come up with his speech bubble and one name will be drawn to keep him. IF you want him. He really is sweet. Just a little bumpy is all…

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. OMG tooo funny Kathy, I get the part when you said you craved a cigerette! I dont smoke either but when I go shopping for my craft stuff I get a shopping orgasm too and then I crave a cigerette. But the look on the poochies face says it all. The caption should read, “What the Hell???”

  2. 1. Drop the glue gun and step away from the chihuahua!

    2. Touch me again and I’m calling the SPCCC…Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ceramic Chihuahuas.

    3. Too much?

    4. Penny for your thoughts? (s/he’s a bank, right?)

  3. To go with Patrick’s theme, obviously, the bubble should say: “Take me to your leader”. Ah, but I think he is cute. I love the story of how he ended up this way. How about his bubble saying “What, too much?” Or “Stop looking at me like that!”. Obviously you channeled an aged glamour queen while dressing this pup, they always go over the top. LOL! I love it…and Patrick’s response is hilarious. Thanks for sharing and ending me off to work with a big grin today.

  4. I love that little guy !

    He is blinging it and deserves some props!

    His bubble should say,

    “Does this color made my ears look big?”

  5. “It was fun rolling around in Crafty Chica’s glue, and jumping into her glitter and crystal barrel, but then I couldn’t get out. So I just slept there overnight”

  6. “Seriously, I was just standing here…and this crazy lady in a blind crafting frenzy just started dousing me with glitter…and the next thing I knew, I look like Liberace on steroids!”

  7. He is brilliant! I love him! Don’t remove one single sequin!

    “You! Me! Glitter?”

    Ellen is just going to LOVE this little guy!

  8. I’m so glitter fabulous that I will star in the next Beverly Hills Chuiuaha.


    Who says Halloween is all about scary?

  9. I will be starring in the next Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie


    Who says Halloween is all about scary???

    I love her! She would go perfect with my collection.

  10. I happen to LOVE it Kathy..very Andy Warhol, 70’s, color kaleidoscope esque.. very chic! You are a creative masterpiece maker!

    “This is what happens when you get abducted by a UFO that is filled with Arts N’ Crafts Aliens.”


  11. I think he’s saying “Chica, when Tim Gunn said ‘Make it happen’ You made it HAPPEN! Unh huh, that’s right! Hollah at ya boys!

  12. He seems to be saying “Chica, when Tim Gunn said ‘Make it happen’ you made it HAPPEN! Uhn huh, that’s right! Hollah at ya boys!”

  13. “Only a mother could love me.”

    or a 5 year old little girl. My daughter loves him already.

    How fun. I love that you posted this and your husbands reaction.

  14. Hi Kathy!
    Just want to say I love your daily emails. I look forward to them at 7:15-ish on my way to work. I have two speech bubble entries:

    “I don’t want to talk about it…”


    “Yes… This is my natural hair color…”

    Happy Friday!

  15. Caption: “I’m really gonna have to dig deep to forgive my mommy for this one!”

    Aw, Kathy, he’s adorable anyway. He’s just…..unique, that’s all!

  16. I love it.

    for the comment box:

    1. AY Chihuahua! (dang in spanish) jk or maybe that’s what it means cause they say you glitter overload pup. 😉
    2. El glitter poppy

    3. Cause of Death: Glitter Over Dose

    Time of Death: last night

    Suspects: the Crafty Chica.

  17. Single and looking… Must be crafty and carry glue gun with extra glitter in case of spillage. Check out my Twitter at glitterful chihuahua.

  18. “How did you know that I just woke up from a nap in the land of glitter?”

    “Welcome Aboard. I’m your Crafty Chica Art Cruise Director.”

    “Got Glitter?”

    “I’m SO ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.”

    -Wendy Jo
    Lead Fiskateer

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