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Day of the Dead Embossed Tin Candle

altar. The flame represents eternal life, and often certain scents are used to lure the dead. Painting and glittering prayer candles are fun and cheery, but you can also venture into other supplies for an artful touch.
1 prayer candle
Embossing tin
Tin snips
Magazine or mousepad
Stylus or ball point pen
Industrial strength adhesive

1. Use the tin snips to cut a square from the tin.
2. Set it on the mousepad and use the stylus to draw your design in the tin. Add decorative edges and such.
3. Turn the tin over and rub the Q-tip to rub and “pop” out the main design.
4. Cut other designs from the tin to use around the focal point image.
5. Use the adhesive to affix the tin designs to the front of the candle.
Tip: Add painted and glittered aspects if desired.

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