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Matchbook Shrines

Upcycling is taking items that you would normally toss out and doing something new with them. Even down to matchbooks. The smooth cover flap can be transformed into an artful doorway to a mini-masterpiece.

• Empty matchbooks
• Sandpaper
• Watercolors or watered down acrylics
• Assorted paper images
• Glue stick
• Small flowers or charms
• Black permanent marker
• Brushes

1. Use the sandpaper to rough up the outside of the book. Not only with this remove the coating so the paint can stick, but it will also give a worn look to the end result.
2. Use the marker to write phrases or doodle on the surface.
3. Apply watercolors to the outside and inside of the matchbook.
4. Use the glue stick to add pictures.
5. Choose one picture as a focal point and insert it between the rows of cardboard where the matches were.
Tip: For a sparkly look, add glittered embellishments.


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