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Recycled Newspaper Pin


Being a former newspaper writer, I have a soft spot for each and every page. Here is a clever way to recycle with a Dia de los Muertos theme!


Newspaper (different pages for pattern contrast: sports scores, financial tables, colorful ads, photos, etc)
Base or large charm
Image (I used an image from the Crafty Chica Inspiration Deck)
Liquid Fusion Adhesive
Crafty Chica Markers
Crafty Chica Glitter
hot glue
pin back

Directions: Glue the image to the front of the base. Trim the edge in glue and then glitter. Cut three strips of the newspaper:
– 1 straight scissors, 1 zig zag, 1 ripped
– three widths: one skinny, one medium and one tall

Draw a different color on each edge. Start with the shortest piece of newspaper strip. Ruffle and glue on the back of the base using hot glue. Repeat with medium and then the tallest.

Glue pinback.


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