INSPIRATION FRIDAY: A little bit of everything!

I don’t have a story lined up for Inspiration Friday today, so I’m winging it! I’m going to share what is inspiring me right now:

  • Taking pictures! A couple months ago I bought a fancy camera and couldn’t figure it out. all my pictures cameout blurry. I stuck with it and feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Have you noticed (recent pics)?
  • The Altarista’s Co-Lab: Two artists (Artful Chica and Punk Rock Mom!) in different states are creating one Dia de los Muertos shrine. They work on it, send it out in the mail, then the other person works on it, sends it back, etc. I love reading their blog posts, they are filled with so much spirit, humor, and most of all, love for what they are creating. When they are done they are going to put it up for auction and donate the proceeds to the Oaxaca Street Children! Here is how you can participate too.

  • Swell Designer and Dave Lowe Design: Ever since I’ve met these two (I don’t think they know eachother, btw), they have talked about how much they love Halloween. Both their sites are loaded with fresh ideas of decorations and props to make for the season.
  • Du Buh Du Designs: Every time I visit this site, my jaw drops from the beauty of artist Christine Alvarado’s art. See what I mean?

  • Abiola TV:This is my friend, Abiola Abhrams. We began our podcasts around the same time a few years back and cheered each other on. She is all about creativity, positivity and putting it out there with flashing lights! Her brand has sprouted vines into all different genres – books, TV, a video series, so much more. If you want to know how to amp up your platform or just need a shot of happy, spend some time on her site and see all that she has to offer!
  • Painting!I’m anxiously waiting for November to come so I can start writing my next novel (I’m saving it for NaNoWriMo), and to burn off some energy, I’ve been painting like crazy! I’m not at the point where I could sell any of these, but I’m working hard to get better. The only way is to practice. Plus I know that once I go into book world, I won’t have time to even think about painting a canvas!

Vivir (To live)

  • My daughter and son. They are working so hard on their schoolwork to get good grades. I don’t even have to bug them to do their homework. I wish I was that disciplined when I was their age!
  • Cooler weather! After many long months, we finally have the windows open. This weekend I’ll dig out our blankets and sweats. Yay! The cold season is coming!

Another fun one is Smack Talk. You talk to these adorable animals and they repeat it back to you!


  • Guilty pleasure TV shows: Project Runway, Glee, America’s Next Top Model. And I’m itching for 30 Rock and Ugly Betty to come back on. I also like to watch (not too) scary movies while I’m working in the art room. Today I watched The Birds while cranking out Thanksgiving projects. Talk about irony!

There are many more things that I’m inspired by, but Project Runway is about to start and I need to go plop on the couch and relax right now! OK, bye for now!

Please share what inspires you too! Oh, I’ll be drawing a winner for the Chihuahua bank this weekend!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. I saw the Oaxacan charity logo on your facebook post and I thought ” oh wow Crafty Chica is making one too”. How surprised to read that our little project has inspired you. Really WOW! Thank you so much for following us as we work together for a good cause. Already it has been a wonderful journey for Artul Chica and myself. Gracias

  2. wow, a reader from Spain, that is so cool! thank you, you made my day!!

    And kids doing homework…well, my son knows that if he doesn’t get good grades in his college classes, he will have to pay his own way next semester instead of mom and dad! and our daughter, she is just like that, always on top of tasks. I’m so proud of them! now cleaning the kitchen, um, that is another story for them.

    PR mamita – you rock, sisterfriend! I love projects that have deep meaning behind them and to think you are doing it for such a great cause, it is very inspiring! Excited to see the finished piece!

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