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Cycle of Life Face Painting


Many schools are teaching students about Dia de los Muertos and are on the hunt for cool crafty ideas. This is a good one that is often found at many muertos fiestas – face painting!

But we’re not talking Disney characters or sports logos. This is much more meaningful. This is a chance to explain about the cycle of life and how Dia de los Muertos relates to it.

Using face paint found at the costume store, paint half of a face like a sugar skull and leave the other half alone. This represents that in this life or the next we will always be “alive”, our spirit is eternal! I’ve seen all kinds of faces painted in this style and it is inspiring to see the variations on how the skull portion is decorated. You can use black and white, or lots of color and even glitter!

If you are a painter, why not volunteer at a local school or local muertos fiesta and paint faces? Or at least have your face painted, it’s fun. It tickles!


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  1. Your face paint is so beautiful! I love the half painted face and what it represents. And even more I love that you have chosen flowers and leaves that resemble those gorgeous painted platters and vases from Mexico which I happen love also!!!!


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