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"Wake Up & Live" Alarm Clock

This wake up and live clock is all about starting the day right. It’s a chance to begin with a clean slate and make a difference in the world. Or at least our own little worlds. You have to wake up with a good attitude from the moment you open your eye lids. How about a little help with that?

This is a basic alarm clock I picked up at a local store, but it was just too bland to hang out in my bedroom. It needed pizazz! I took a large strand of ball bearing chain and letters beads and gave it a chica-makeover!

It says “wake up and live” – the exact message I want to see before I launch into daily activities!

Try it! Look for a clock you already have, or buy a new one.


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2 thoughts on “"Wake Up & Live" Alarm Clock”

  1. great project, i love bob marley! i’m inky chica and am a tattoo artist. i hope to have a web site soon. i really adore your web site. you need to connect with artful chica’s studio from your blog list, it is inspiring like this one. i left a message over there we “chicas” should form a collective!
    peace, love and TATTOOS!

  2. Irlinda, I LOVE, love, love that idea! I’m putting it on my to-do list for the new year. Every time I see a chica sister site, I add it to my blog links. When you get your site up, let me know and I’ll add it to mine! Strength in numbers, lots of fabulous chicas out there!


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