A glittery kind of night

I’ve been busy prepping dozens of samples, prizes, and demo step-outs made for my trip to San Antonio this weekend. I’ll be at Michaels showing it all off and giving away some prizes!


Don’t forget to check and see if there is a Michaels near you that is carrying the line! If there is, pretty please share the news with anyone and everyone to shop, shop, shop. I’m just a tiny speck of glitter in the huge universe of craft supplies, every little bit that sells helps so much! My dream is to be the underdog that conquers.

*Clears throat, closes eyes and puts palms facing out*


My vision is this: A guy in a gray suit wearing Buddy Holly eyeglasses is working the reception desk up at the crafty headquarters. A report comes in on the emergency fax machine. He glances at it, rips off his specs as his jaw drops. He fumbles and climbs across the table to reach for the red Batline phone and tells the top honcho people “I think you need to see something! We just got a report in from the Crafty Chica line! These sales numbers are crazy, people across the land are buying up every jar of glitter!”

End of detour, thanks for going there with me.


My life would not be complete without the drama.

On Monday, I was chatting with my sister on the phone, we agreed to go to lunch. I got so excited I stood up and PING!…a laser beam of pain shot up my spine. Crap. I hate it when that happens. The back bully usually visits twice a year. One time I tried to do jumping jacks and another time I hopped up and down out of joy when I saw a long time friend. PING! Both times I was down for a few days. (Perhaps I should avoid any sudden upward movement for the rest of my life?)

Basically, I’ve been crippled this week. Mommy don’t have time to be crippled. Thank goodness for family and Excedrin Back and Body. On the first day, I literally worked from my bed (think Frida) with a pillow between my knees. I ever-so-carefully made my samples for San Antonio. I also conducted some interviews. And wrote too. If there were any typos in my blogs so far this week, it is because I click-clacked them from my iPhone touchscreen keyboard! With my notepad by my pillow (by my head), DeAngelo answered the phone and brought it over to me. Patrick went out and bought my art supplies. Maya answered my emails. I directed this crafty circus from my bed, every so often going “Owww!” and “#$%^&*!” Yesterday was a bit better, I got out of bed and was able to kind of function on my own. Thank God for family, did I say that already?

With such a big, eventful weekend ahead, I prayed and prayed last night. Today I made myself get out of bed for good. I took a walk in the morning (up and down the hallway, like my Nana has done for years) and put on non-art clothes, make-up, and I even drove! I kept thinking of my dad, and he zipped around town with one leg, a pacemaker, and an aching body. If he could do it and not complain, so can I! I’m still as agile as the Tin Man, but I can feel everything loosening up and slipping back into place. Boy, do I appreciate having a working body!


The only glitch was when I asked DeAngelo to help me get up. I held out my hand – all innocent and vulnerable. I’m used to Patrick helping me, he gently guides me up and holds my back until I’m upright and content. I thought that was the universal way of helping bad-back people rise. Wrong. DeAngelo grabbed my hand and YANKED, as if he were pulling a monstrous, stubborn weed out of a dense flower bed.

“AAhhhh!!!!” I screamed! “Noooo, not like that!!!”

The Chihuahuas heard my cries and came sprinting into the room. They circled him like West Side Story gang members and began to snark and bark at him. DeAngelo let go of me, threw his hands in the air and surrendered. “What did I do?” he asked, shrugging.

We calmed down the doggies and I explained to him the correct “Daddy” way to help someone up with a bad back. We have been giggling about it all night. At least now he knows, right?

Later in the evening, we noticed Maya hanging out in the garage. She was practicing her Beauty and the Beast number for her school musical audition. I pretended to be Paula and DeAngelo, Randy.

“Belle is confident, smart and sassy, project that in your emotions and gestures!” I cheered.


“Articulate, act over-the-top cartoony, Maya – that way you will look exciting to the audience!” DeAngelo said. “You can do it!”

We coached her to greatness! I took her to the audition tonight and we’ll find out Friday if she gets a call-back. Wish her luck!

Tinsel Glitter?

Oh, one last goofy thing. I heard Martha has tinsel glitter out. I am so curious to see what tinsel glitter is. Shards? Flakes? Mini-strips? It has been bugging me for weeks! Tonight we went to Michaels and I remembered the tinsel glitter as Maya was unloading the goods in the check out line.

“I’ll be right back, I’ll hurry!” I said, ignoring Maya’s eye roll and my back pain. I slowly turned, and gently shuffled my way to the Martha aisle. I found the display, looked down, saw “Tinsel Glitter” – but it was too low for me to grab because of my lousy lumbar. I had to decide in an instant whether to risk the return of the PING! or hot tail it back (in slow-mo) to the check out line.

Guess which one I chose? Hint: No PING! tonight. The tinsel glitter will have to wait!

Love & light,

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