Crafty Chica @ Michaels, Part Two!

More about the new program! It has a little bit of items from the first round – and new designs too! Here is the store list.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for the street team, I am so flattered and honored you want to help! I’ll be in touch with you this week for details!

If you go into a store, look in the fashion art aisle for the display. It is on the side of an end cap. Today we went into the AZ location (59th and Bell) and looked at every end cap until we found it! And then we jumped up and down and squealed!

It was so hard to choose what to put in the program because there were so many cool things to choose from. The team at iLoveToCreate showed me the reports of what has been selling the best: glitter, flocked iron-ons, markers, totes, Loteria game, appliqués. Actually everything is selling good! Ack, what a dilemma!

I took a deep breath and thought back to a project I made for Creative Home Arts Magazine. I had taken a new flocked iron-on transfer I designed and then applied it to a fedora. I colored in the areas with my Crafty Chica markers, and then applied Glitter Bond and Crafty Chica glitter. It came out so cool. Maya wanted it so bad that I had to make her an exclusive one! I went on to demo this technique for Michaels at the CHA Super Show and the crowd loved the idea too. I’ll have a tutorial later this week.

I had my program! Iron. Color. Glitter! I even got to develop my own adhesive – Crafty Chica Extreme Embellishment Fabric Glue!

The Crafty Chica power panel has glitters, glue, and new iron-ons: Glittered milagro hearts, a pink flocked Chihuahua, sugar skulls and more. Even better – each transfer is large AND comes with a second mini-transfer too! You’ll also find charms, appliqués and my mojito papers because people just can’t get enough of those!

And for those of your who do not live by a Michaels store that carries the line – please do not be offended! As long as the items sell in this program, they could go on to be in all stores in a bigger display (that is the glorious vision I have in my head!).

Don’t forget, you can always buy items at!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

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  1. i bought my papers and three packages of the chihuahua irons ons. they are just plain CUTE! will you have more designs soon?

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