Focus on the finish line.

(Paper mache mask, el Escritor, “The Writer”)

Eh, getting stuck in writing my novel. I’ve picked up a new habit since I did NaNoWriMo the first time. I’m editing as I go. That REALLY can slow a chica down.

I’ve decided not to make “winning” NaNo (50,000 words by Nov 30) my priority, instead I’m focusing on writing a good book. If I reach 50,000 by deadline, cool, I’ll print out the certificate and staple it to my inspiration board. If not, no worries, I’ll still have my fabulous story to finish writing by the end of the year.

Tonight I popped into Twitter and read so many tweets from NaNo participants giving up because they are “already behind on word count.” This makes me cringe. It’s only 5 days in! How can it be so easy to throw in the keyboard?

The point is to keep going until you finish. The true reward is being able to say “I did it!”

Confession: This is my logic in everything except losing weight. I start diets and quit them all the time. I’m not perfect. My time will come for healthy eating, I know. But until then I’m following through with things I know I can conquer. Like writing a new book!
Kathy 🙂

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