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Inspiration Friday: Chica & Jo!

Today for Inspiration Friday, we have a special guest post from my amigas at ChicaAndJo.com! They run one of the cutest, most resourceful, passionate, happy and innovative DIY sites out there! It is jammed packed with everything from crafting to cooking to organizing! I asked if they would want to contribute to I.F. and look what they came up with!

OK, on to the show! (psst…don’t forget: ChicaAndJo.com!)

Advent Calendar Clothespin Wreath

from Chica and Jo
Hello, Crafty Chica readers! We are fellow crafters named Chica and Jo (no relation!), and we are friends of Kathy’s. We are so honored that she asked us to share a project with you on her blog today, and we think you’ll really enjoy it. It’s covered in glitter, so what’s not to love?
Back before Thanksgiving, Jo came up with a really fun idea for making an interactive Thanksgiving wreath out of clothespins, which all of her friends and family could personalize with the reason they are thankful. It was such a huge hit that we decided to expand the idea for Christmas, and make an advent calendar using the same technique.
The results are gorgeous and the project is SO EASY that you can do it in no time at all! Here’s how:
Supplies needed:
12″ wire wreath frame
about 50-55 traditional wooden clothespins
red craft paint
silver marker
silver glitter
1 or 2 decorative wooden shapes (we used snowflakes)

red and silver ribbon for a bowDirections:

Start by painting your clothespins bright red with regular craft paint.
Then use a silver marker to write numbers 1 through 24 on the clip end of 24 of the clothespins.
Clip the clothespins onto the wreath, alternating between numbered ones and solid red ones. You should have a gap left that you can fill with four or five solid red clothespins. That’s okay, these will be at the top and will look fine.
Apply glue to the tips of the numbered clothespins and to the entire surface of the solid red ones. Then sprinkle liberally with some silver Crafty Chica Glitter. Ooh, so pretty!
Now take one or two decorative wooden shapes and paint and glitter them however you like. You can then add words to them if you like, such as your family’s last name and the year. We chose to put “Christmas Means” on them, since this wreath is going to remind us of all the things Christmas means to us.
Tie a bow with the coordinating ribbon on top of the wreath. The wire frame makes this so easy to do!
The wreath is now done and ready to hang on the door. The fun part, though, is using it. It is an advent calendar, after all, so every day from December 1 through 24th, gather your family together and come up with something that Christmas means to you. Then use a silver pen to write that on the clothespin for that day. By the time Christmas comes around, you’ll have a great collection of things that will remind you of the spirit of the season and how blessed you really are.
And besides, just look how gorgeous this thing looks on the front door!
We hope you enjoyed this project and big hugs to Kathy for letting us share it with you. May you all have a wonderful holiday season and may it be filled with glitter!
Chica and Jo

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