It was a pillow-making kind of night.


Whenever times are stressful or I feel overwhelmed…I make stuff. Lots of stuff. It helps calm my nerves.

I have two big, life-impacting, on-the-brink of paranoia/meltdown projects happening simultaneously. Writing my second novel (have I mentioned it is due in eight weeks?) and promoting my product line in Michaels stores. I’ve been working 12-14 hours days between both of them.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the yay or nay from Random House for a new craft book proposal. It is such a cool idea that has not been done yet, and I would be the PERFECT person to do it. It fits with EVERYTHING I am all about. I hope the crafty angels will send it some approval love. In the meantime, I’m crossing my toes (I need my fingers to craft and write) for luck.

One more minor detour, we have our biggest art show the year this weekend, Spanish Market. It is when all our collectors from across the country come to buy our work. The show opens at 10 am, and they are at our booth at 10:01 ready to score the good stuff first. Our challenge: we have to make the good stuff! (OK – here is a treat for those of you who attend Spanish Market this weekend. Look me in the eye and say “GLITTER!” and I will give you a special exclusive top secret treat.)

Patrick has been working steadily on building stock for the show. I produce my pieces in spurts. Tonight I stepped away from writing to make fabric collage pillows. Ahhh, it felt so soothing to escape to that world. At first, I planned to visit the fabric store and buy a batch of supplies. But then I decided that would be too obvious. I chose to utilize what was already on hand. I sewed yarn to fabric, appliques to vinyl, sequins to canvas. I found some vintage tees I had set aside. So many goodies to work with! I ended up with seven fabulous pillows. I will go buy trim, they seriously need trim!

As far as the novel, it is going really well. It is going to be such a wild ride to write and read. The characters are so alive and busy and vibrant and thought-provoking. Just like the first book, the whole family is involved in developing the storylines. Last night I stepped away from the computer to go grocery shopping online and when I returned, I noticed Patrick picked up where I left off and wrote a paragraph… and it was great! It made me excited to keep it going!

The product line stuff is going good too! So far people love the new iron ons and glue! Yay! It has been such an exciting week, I’m digging all the feedback, please keep sending it. I’m working on finalizing the street team details and am still looking for peeps in certain areas! Soon come: a tutorial to show how to do the “iron, color, glitter” technique. The kids are off of school today so they are helping me make a video.

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have reported which stores have the display up and which are still being set, it is such golden information! Yesterday I compiled all of your notes and will post a store update later today. Ready to shop? Check the list to see if there is a store in your area, and when you go to the store, look in the “fashion art” area (tie dye paints, t-shirts, etc). The Crafty Chica display will right around there. Look for the sparkly glitter calling out to you 🙂

Have a super day, everyone! Thank you again for all the support!


Love & light,

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  1. Kathy, My gosh gal, Wen do you ever sleep? The pillows are fabulous as they are and you are going to add trim! Please show another pic whne they have the added trim. No stores with your ptoducts near me. I may just have to ask Santa for crafts supplies from an on-line store this year. Your book would be top on the list. Is it on Amazon?
    Have a great day with the kids today. Your family togetherenss on Art projects sounds like so much fun…

  2. The pillows are Fab! I so wish one of my Tulsa Michaels had made the cut:(, I’m also really impressed w/ all you are getting done right now~you go chica!

  3. Your pillows are great – I especially like the one with all the fruit. Michaels here in southern Maryland is not on the list of stores carrying your products…but soon, I hope?

  4. I love the fabric. I cannot find things like this locally. It is hard enough to find the prayer cards that are not laminated. I was looking for skeleton stickers and could not even find those during Halloween. I wish your stuff was sold here. I know they tried before….I have the empowerment guardians (found on clearance) at Michaels. I guess they didn’t enough to keep it on hand. I didn’t know they had it until I saw the stuff on clearance. Normal for around here. Flea Markets here are a bust when it comes to finding craft fabrics or hispanic items. I will keep searching!

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