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Outlandish Ottoman

Today I’m trying to work magic with a decorating a Snuggie, so I’m re-running an old fave!(New projects coming soon!)

Need a dash of whimsy to brighten up a corner? If you don’t want to scour the aisles of your neighborhood furniture store to find a perfect match, take matters into your own hands — literally.

This handmade accent piece doubles as a comfy footrest and is as easy to whip together as it is fun. Those gushing with creativity can replace the printed fabric with faux fur or leather, or paint or stamp their own designs before assembling the ottoman. Adjust the size to your liking as well.
You can also use the following procedure to spruce up a set of boring barstools, stepstools or chairs.

Find supplies at fabric and home improvement stores.

Spray paint
4 wood upholstery feet and braces
1 piece of plywood (24 by 24 inches)
Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™
2 pieces of 2-inch-thick foam or one thick pillow (must measure 24 by 24 inches)
2 yards of fabric
Staple gun
2 buttons
Fishing line and upholstery needle
Glue gun and 3 yards of fringe (optional)

Paint the feet in desired color and let dry. Round off the corners and edges of the plywood with the sandpaper. Drill a small hole in the center. Attach the braces for the feet. Apply a coat of adhesive spray to the top of the base and attach one piece of the foam. Spray another layer of adhesive and place the second piece of foam on top. You may use a large pillow instead, as long as it covers the surface of the plywood.

Double the fabric and lay it flat on a smooth surface. Turn the ottoman base upside down and put it in the center of the fabric. Pull up one side of the fabric and staple it to the underside of the base. Continue with the remaining sides until the fabric is securely fastened. Gather the corners tightly around the braces for the feet.

For a finishing touch, add a button to the top by threading it with fishing line through the hole in the base up through the foam and fabric and bringing it back down through the hole in the base. Thread the loose end through another button and tie a knot to secure.

Screw in feet. Use glue gun to attach fringe around the sides.


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  1. Super fun! Did you know that the Snuggie is a rip off of the original Slanket? I met the guy who invented the Slanket at QVC a while ago. Nice college kid. His name wasn’t as good, I really think that’s the gist of it. Still he’s got a funny website!



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