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Crafter’s Holiday Wreath


This crafter’s holiday wreath doubles as a way to store your sewing supplies during the holiday season!

Colorful spools of thread are too pretty to say hidden, don’t you think? They look so radiant in my sewing box, I couldn’t help but find a creative way to display them, so I slid them on a holiday wreath.


Pine needle wreath

Pine needle wreath

Spools of thread


Ribbon bows

ribbon bows
You can make these or buy them


colorful buttons

Of course, I didn’t stop there. I added embroidery thread, golden bobbins, beads, mini-mirrors, gems and all kinds of other doodads I could find.

For the Merry Christmas title, I used a large glittery chipboard sticker I bought at the craft store.


embroidery floss
You can even incorporate embroidery floss in your crafter’s holiday wreath. Make little bows from each color!


Start with the bigger items, such as the spools of threads. Arrange them all around the wreath. Simply thread through the branches, one by one.

Add the buttons. Fill in with the smaller items.

Attach the sentiment at the top.

The cool thing – you can remove the title if I want and keep it up all year round.

Now whenever you need a new spool of thread, you can just pull it off the wreath!


Other ideas for crafter’s holiday wreath:


Theme it around jewelry or any other favorite crafty genre.

Add appliques as the decorations.

Incorporate ribbons, charms, whatever else you have on hand.

Hopefully it will motivate you to use up the supplies in your holiday projects! 

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  1. That is the most amazingly creative wreath I’ve seen…LOVE that you can keep it up year round (it would totally go on my studio door, hmmmm 😉 Thanks for beautiful inspiration.

    Jamie 🙂


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