Heart work pays off.

I will never complain about missed opportunities again. I have two biggies in my lap and I’m working on them simultaneously. Both of them come from the bottom of my heart and I’m working hard to bring them to fruition. “Heart” work will pay off!

One is a new project for my product line. I LOVE this new program more than anything else we have done on the line. It has not been done before. I KNOW it is a brilliant idea at the perfect time. It’s still in top secret mode, please cross your crafty fingers for me, please! This involves about 8-10 hours a day working on pulling all the pieces together.

My second project that also takes 8-10 hours a day is writing my next novel, MISS SCARLET’S SCHOOL OF PATTERNLESS SEWING. It comes out in March 2011, my deadline is right around the corner. I’m still thousands of words and several meltdowns away from finishing. (My characters’ meltdowns, not mine, silly!) This is such a fun book to write (and read!), it revolves around the kookiest sewing group you have ever heard of. It has a lot of heart, soul and laughter. There is a little bit of mystery in it too, and bits of retro themes.

As far as my upcoming novel, WAKING UP IN THE LAND OF GLITTER, I just received Google Alert that it was chosen as the May selection for the fabulous Las Comadres Book Club! This makes my hands tremble in delight, but I have to control my emotions so I can finish writing my next book!

I hope you will be patient with me, I won’t have a lot of time for blogging, but I’ll do my best.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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