Still going strong at Michaels!

We’re entering into week five of the Crafty Chica display at Michaels. Thank you to everyone who has checked it out so far!

People are loving the new iron-ons! They are very versatile because you can easily snip them apart into several pieces and then glitter them up.

For this one, the outline is black and heavily flocked. It looks great against patterned fabric. I like that the heart’s center is open, that way I can add another type of fabric inside!

Here is what the display looks like (thanks for the pic, Karen!) and HERE ARE THE STORES CARRYING THE LINE. If you live near one of the stores and shop there frequently, can you let me know if you saw the display? I’m so excited for any kind of feedback!! If I could i’d drive to each store just to look at the display!

GIFT IDEA: A crafty basket of goodies! A couple iron-ons, a cotton scarf or T-shirt, Crafty Chica Markers, Crafty Chica glitters and the new Extreme Embellishment Glue! And you can’t forget the Mojito Paper Set!

Love & light,

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  1. I haven’t tried your products yet, but I do plan on trying them out. I’m waiting for you to come to Modesto Michaels on Sisk Road. 😀 Very nice display.

  2. Did I tell you that I have went to visit you at the Michael’s in Boulder? Yes. You are there with your pretty smile and your fabuloso glitter!!! Can’t wait to go purchase some more..hmm, what next? Maybe some fabric paints!?! I’ll try to take my fancy camera manana to take a photo of your display. So proud of you, Latina!!

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