After 2,000 orders & 8 years of good times, we decided to move.

After almost 2,000 orders and eight years of good times, we decided to move away from our Yahoo store.

I never thought we would move. The whole reason we went to Yahoo was because the first company we used, GoBizGo, went under and we lost our orignal URL, clients, photos, all of it. It was so traumatic for a young business! I figured at the time (2002) that Yahoo would never go under.I wanted long term security.

When Etsy first came around and all my friends, both local and national, used it, I knew I should have a place there, but I didn’t know in what capacity. Many people these days launch their businesses on Etsy, we already had an established shop at Yahoo.

I finally opened a small shop on just to feel it out. I’ve had it a few years and without even really promoting it, its done well for us. We started looking hard at the $50 per month fee from Yahoo, plus the fees. But our reluctance was that Etsy didn’t reflect the personality of our shop that our customers liked. That’s where Squarespace came in. I used it for and for, and was impressed!

We decided as a New Year’s Resolution to make the change. I know many of you will ask,”Why not“? The reason is I haven’t had time to fully experiment with it. I know it is a lovely site, and I read up on the pros and cons between it and Etsy. I’m intrigued! I will definately check it out and as soon as I get caught up, I’ll open a little test store there too!

But for now, here is our new site, I hope you like it! Our little cyber store has always been our bread and butter of our artful lives and I hope that continues. We love making things and sharing them!

NEW: We’ve added a collection called “Halfway Handmade.” These are items we made halfway and then are selling them so YOU can finish them. Please send pictures of what you use them for and we’ll post them here.

COMING SOON: Patrick’s Dis de los Muertos Framed Prints. There are so many, DeAngelo is going to try and get them up a.s.a.p.


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