Focus and center

(Art: Focus and center, by my friend, Tracy Dove,

I’m starting to worry. CHA is next week in two days, and I’m not quite ready. But I will be.

Focus and center.

My novel manuscript is due next month in two weeks, and it’s not done. I’m hoping praying it will be.

Focus and center.

I’m giving up parties and dinners at CHA so I can scurry back to my hotel room to continue banging out the stylish saga of Scarlet, DeeDee, and Mary Theresa.

The thing about writing fiction is you can’t rush. I can’t stay up all night and finish this project like I can with my artwork and crafty assignments. Yet, at the same time, I know what is going to happen in the plot and I’m excited to get there, so I push harder and faster to write each chapter.

In my last book (the one that comes out in March) all the characters had a lot of “me” in them. That helped my fingers fly across the keyboard. However, none of these new characters resemble me at all. This book stretches beyond crafting and touches into fashion design and costume-making. There are scenes in New York, Miami, Glendale, and Phoenix. It’s hoity toity in some parts. The eras span from the 1950s to present. I never thought I could “go there”. I always thought as long as I stayed in my comfort zone of what I know, I’d do just fine.

Instead, I’m tackling a marathon through the woods! And I’m very proud so far, even though I’ve had many deletes and do-overs. All of this makes writing my characters’ story lines more interesting because they are people I normally would have nothing to do with, and now they are all I think about! I love them because they have lots of drama and sparkle surrounding them.

I’ve been writing until 1-2 a.m. every night, on weekends I start at 10 a.m. I haven’t seen the news, any new movies, or gone out to dinner. I’m washing the same clothes over and over to shave time off of deciding what to wear. I haven’t coated these lashes with mascara in weeks, but I do still wear red lipstick. I apply face cream when I need to think through a scene. My skin is super soft right now. The kids make me coffee, Patrick makes my meals and serves them to me at my desk. I hide when company comes over so they won’t see me in this state.

I do take breaks. Weekdays are prepping for CHA and other stuff for my job, and sometimes at night I’ll catch an episode of 30 Rock or Ugly Betty. (LOVE!) Half of me is 100% burnt out. I’m beyond anxious to get in the art room and paint, draw, sew and stitch. But I can’t. I have to finish this book first. I WANT to finish this book first.

I’m probably boring you to tears. The good news is that I’ll be blogging from CHA starting Thursday night, so be ready for a lot of crafty reporting! And when I return, you’ll see oodles of new, juicy love spell-friendly Valentine’s projects!

Until then…focus and center!

Love & light,

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