If it’s boring to write, it’s boring to read!

I’ve been stuck on a certain part of my story. It was supposed to be a breezy narrative chapter, but has grown into a wall of angst. I keep starting and stopping, finding any reason to step away and do something else – “research” (surfing the Web) or sketching it out (doodling on my notepad).
It finally hit me that I’m bored with the content I want to relay. If I’m bored writing it, there is a 100% chance readers will be bored too. So what to do? Well, I must move forward, but I really do need this information in the story.

If you come across a similar situation, think about a new way to deliver the goods. Our first instinct is to write it in the format we see all the time, maybe that is the boring part. Think creative. Think of it as a mixed media paint technique. Apply your words and phrases with a new, unexpected application.
I’ve decided to write my passage as a first-person blog post from one character talking about another character. It seems to be flowing easier now because I can add more color and personality. I’m excited again. I can work with this!

Here is my plan of attack, right after I hit the “publish” button on this blog post, I’m going to info dump as much as I can for this chapter. Like emptying a kitchen junk drawer on the counter top. And then I’ll go on to writing the next chapter – an action chapter that I’m really looking forward to!

When I go back to edit, I can sort through that thorny chapter and whip it into shape so it fits seamlessly with the rest of the plot.

There. I like that idea. OK. pressing on…wish me luck!

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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